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Many people can not come to orthopedics with so much money in hand

From a business standpoint, Ruibal pathway ensures that payment and collection of the prosthesis would have to "give equal." However, their work involves daily contact with "impaired patients who have amputations or a child with mobility problems, for example, so that does not equal". So far Galicia orthopedic establishments served their patients being Sergas payer. With the introduction of co-payment in the coming months "in principle it is the patient who pay 100% in store and then return Sergas each that apply."

- What do you ask for rule changes?
That the patient does not have to shell out the money. These products can be expensive and many people, that will be safe, you can not come to orthopedics with certain amounts on hand.
- In what amounts we talk?
-For it is not the same thing back brace, walking for 87 euros (so far the patient pays 30 euros and the other puts the Sergas) a basic wheelchair (not self-propelled steel), for example, it costs almost300 euros. Not to mention an electric chair, more sophisticated: between 3,000 and 4,000 euros.
-Patients pay based on their income but limited by supply, does it?
-First, it seems an aberration and nonsense, Health unjust also you can think of, and today, that a patient with these urgent needs can advance this money. From here, we do not know how it will be the law, but asked management to be sensitive. And it is essential that the regional government has in mind the great orthopedics, which are products between 3,000 and 5,000 euros, can even exceed this amount. I mean a prosthesis for lower limb amputation or higher, for example.
- What do you call the big orthopedics?
-By breaking down roughly prostheses for amputation, spinal cord injury or the needs of children and adults with cerebral palsy, for example. A brace for a child with scoliosis costs 799 euros so far put 30 euros families and the rest was Sergas contribution, ie funded by the public health system.
- No chance of retaining direct payment by the Sergas even if modified bumpers user input?
We do not know until you see the draft and make representations to the rule. In principle what we conveyed is that the patient Sergas advance 100% of the cost. The decreenational, Article 9 specifies that patients would be exempt from payment (toxic syndrome, disability, social integration income, non-contributory and unemployed without unemployment benefits). It is imperative that this also is contemplated here.

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