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The Government uses the prescription and asks euro suspending its operation

The Government has announced the submission of a constitutional prescription against the euro implanted in the Community of Madrid and prompted the automatic suspension of your application.

The government has taken this decision on the ground that "violates the principleequality "of citizens andis "a medical gravel". As reported by Soraya Sainz de Santamaria in the press conference after the Council, thus the government intends to make an "exercise of coherence" considering that previously has used this same measure of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

The Socialist Party alsopresented this morning a constitutionalprescription against the euro imposed by the Community of Madrid to understandwhich violates the equality of the Spanishon access to medicines in order to stop the "dismantling" of public health.

In the first meeting of this year, the Government has discussed the challenge ofthe measure adopted by the regional governmentIgnacio Gonzalez andin force since January 1, As it did in the case of Catalonia.

The Government has already announced its intention to resort to understand that this measure violates the right to equality of the Spanishin the procurement of pharmaceuticals.

Once examined by the Council of Ministers, the Executive shall submit the text of the resourcethe Council of StateWhose report is mandatory but not binding.

Madrid president has already announced that the Communitynot return moneycollected by the euro as prescription but declared unconstitutional.

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