Walkers for Exterior and for Interior

Although all models of indoor walkers can be used outdoors, its prolonged use is not advisable since there is a risk of wear of the ferrules and of weakening the structure since they are designed for less hard surfaces.

We have selected some models of walkers to be used in both indoor and outdoor situations.

Adult walker with footrest,... Adult walker with footrest,... 2
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Walkers for Exterior and for Interior

Adult walker with footrest, seat and brakes

Total Care Europe - IM
The new walker for adults with wheelchair function, is for its value for money, one of the best options in walkers or rollators we offer.
Rolator adjustable seat Hi...
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Walkers for Exterior and for Interior

Rolator adjustable seat Hi Low AD152

Ayudas dinámicas
AD152 - EAN010C
Aluminum walker , weighs only 7 kg and is very easy to fold to store and / or transport. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.
Futura folding rollator Futura folding rollator 2
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Futura folding rollator

Rollator plegable Futura
The Apex Futura Rollator keeps its users active. Thanks to its four wheels and its light aluminum structure, it allows longer displacements. It is the Rollator with the most modern and complete design in the range.