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Health rule that would stop purchasing drugs for copayment

The Regional Minister of Health, Rocio Mosquera, stressed today that there is evidence that in Galicia has citizens who would stop buying medicines because pharmaceutical copayment and stated that last year the average cost per month for pensioners in this concept has was 3.6 euros.

The conselleira appeared today in Parliament to explain his department budgets, amounting to 3.418 million euros, up 1.5 percent from the previous year, and who received open criticism from the opposition, especially the establishment of co-payment some services or what it considers privatization trend.

Rocio Mosquera said, regarding the payment user input pharmacist, that 85 percent of the 800,000 pensioners of Galicia are capped at eight euros spending, although the average of what they used last year is 3.6 USD per month.

"And of course, we are not aware that there is no patient in our region do not collect medications economic problems we have absolutely no evidence," he said.

The Regional Minister, unlike underlined by the opposition, also argued that healthcare in Galicia is "universal", about "what there is no doubt," since there is no Galician citizen or anyone living in Galicia "which not have health care "as needed," he said.

In this regard, the nationalist Carlos Aymerich reproached contributed by the argument that only pensioners spend in copay when you have that many people have been excluded from acquiring drugs withdrawn from free social security.

Moreover, the socialist Carmen Acuña asked the conselleira have ended where the savings with drug prioritized list.

In response to questions from the opposition about whether to go or not to charge for mammograms, the Regional Minister denied "loud and clear" and insisted that this issue has never been "on the table".

Regarding questions about the copayment groups andNo prostheses and medical transportation, the Regional Minister noted that in Galicia will be fulfilled "state regulation", but also suit the demographics of its own, "analyzing with the social" or patient associations to see what "the best formulas ".

Similarly, the health minister admitted that the Xunta concerts with private almost remain for 2013, down "relatively little about the rest of the budget, a 0.40 percent".

But, he said, these concerts are still "complementary" with the public system and stressed that the government grew bipartite, while the PP proposed a "significant reduction".

In any case, Rocio Mosquera defended because "are also companies" and the opposition said that when he speaks of the need to maintain employment, said the regional government also wants to keep these businesses and concerts give them "some stability"

The Regional Minister said in his speech that is "time" to discuss the definition of health model "we want and we can have", before which offered a deal for the healing to all sectors involved

Meanwhile, Socialist Carmen Acuna lamented "recklesscut "of the health budget, which in his view includes the use of 645 million euros less since the PP agreed to the Xunta, a sum that reach thousand for the nationalist Aymerich, who came to speak of" revolving door "of the Regional Minister for his professional career between the public and private health.

AGE Congresswoman Eva Solla considered that the budget is "detrimental" to the health of the Galician and added that the PP is the "private business health as appetizing candy."

The parliamentarian accused the regional government to seize the excuse of "odious debt" to attack public health and rejected what he considered right used to cut, believing that "we live above our means", when they have been "the bankers and fraudsters "who did.

Meanwhile, Miguel Santalices popular bet that the Xunta "further streamlining pharmaceutical services, building health centers and the implementation of the law of health guarantees."

To reply to the criticism from the opposition, Santalices stressed that health budgets are "questionable, but possible" and respond to the pillar of universality.


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