Teresa Perales, counter swimmer

Elite athlete, physiotherapist, personal and athletic coach, international speaker, university professor, ambassador of inclusive sport in Spain ... also was a deputy in the Cortes of Aragon and has held other positions of public trust. And how Teresa Perales described? As a fighter and above all, mother. In fact, his main hobby is playing and do manualidadescon his son.

At 19 Teresa had a neuropathy which he lost mobility in his legs. After time to adapt to the new situation, he learned to swim, and almost immediately, his first coach encouraged her to compete. From that moment began the championships and wins the
positioned today as one of the top representatives of the Spanish Paralympic sport.

Past of vertigo

We all remember his smile in the defense of Madrid 2016 candidacy or the Prince of Asturias Award for Sports 2013, all experiences that qualify as wonderful, as was his appointment as Aragon year or 22 Paralympic medals.A track record of vertigo that continues and that has served to give visibility to people with disabilities.
Both during his time in politics and in his role as swimmer Teresa Perales has fought to give prominence to this group, but it was the sport successes they have had more significance. "The vision is now the general public to athletes Paralympics has radically changed for the better and I feel very proud to have contributed to it, "he maintains.

His relationship with the Orthopedics

The day of your wedding is an unforgettable day for everyone; but in the case of Teresa, she had an element that made it more special: he wanted to show off his suit and that was to come walking in the church. And, as his motto is "love is power," he did. With the help of crutches, training and determination, Teresa again demonstrated its spirit of excellence.
Knowing this history is evident the important role played Orthopedics in Teresa's life to gain autonomy. In fact, it acknowledges that orthopedics is one of the most visited places when you have a disability, and what has always been someone sought professional escort on the road and it can offer what you need to improve your quality of life.

"I have long been visiting Orthopaedics and I must admit that I have met many situations but, after all these years, orthopedics has convertidor for me not only a place to renew the material I need, but a place where I meet friends who are also professionals and trying to get the best advances to offer. "

"I'm convinced that someone with a disability can be extremely happy"

That has been achieved thanks to their current trusted orthopedics, orthopedics Silvio, where are always attentive to the news that can fit Teresa. Recently, he tells us, you have been told some technological advances that have been discovered in an international fair to orthoprosthetic
they have come. Of course, he adds that, although there is progress, is not available to everyone, because the price is too high for the general public.

His philosophy

Teresa is a woman restless and wanted to also go into the publishing and audiovisual world. Co-writer with her husband, the journalist Mariano Menor, the book "My Life on Wheels" and co-starred in the documentary "The Theory of Espiralismo" written and directed by Mabel Lozano, on both platforms share their experiences and vision life. Asked why or who are part of its spiral of happiness, which is the subject of the documentary, the athlete is clear: "My son, my husband, the rest of my family, my friends ... they are the most important of my spiral . In another order, but also complementary,I work, because I like and because it gives me money to live. But really with a smile Nano, my son, "I love you" to my husband I'm super happy. "

Teresa is clear: "I just live my life as I like and as I get to. And above all, I do advocate that the limits do not exist. All that exists, if we allow it, are imaginary boundaries that only lead us to consider new excuses for not challenges. In this life everything has
solution, except one thing: death, so what else you have to give importance only. I am convinced that someone with a disability can also have great challenges and meet them, and, above all, it can be tremendously happy. "

Teresa challenges

The athlete is aware that, in many cases, the main enemy we have in us
thereof. And that's for everything, not just in the pool, but in life itself. So says that when
competes, its biggest rival is not Ukrainian or Norwegian, but herself. "The limiting beliefs we have about ourselves all make that we block and we do not give our best," he says. But it argues that everything is "trainable" even their own psychological barriers, so although difficult, are not impossible to overcome.
As for his new goals, Teresa already has his sights set on the European swimming this summer, while on its wayLatin America lecturing there too. Does anyone doubt
I get it?

Orthoprosthetic magazine, # 80