In Ortopedia Silvio we give you the possibility to finance your purchases and pay them in comfortable installments with Cetelem Spain, BNP Paribas Group, which has more than 25 years of experience in our country granting consumer loans.

You can acquire everything you want from € 120 or with a minimum monthly payment of € 12 per month. Also, you do not start paying until at least 10 days after you complete the purchase. Do you want to know how?

To request financing, make your purchase and select the financing option as a payment method, from there Cetelem's financing process begins. It is 100% digital, fast, simple and comfortable.

Sign your contract digitally by means of a PIN that we send to your mobile, and directly attach the documentation requested in the process.

The necessary documents are:

1-DNI on both sides or residence card (NIE) + identity document (passport, etc.) of the country of origin (for resident aliens).
2-Proof of income (last payroll -personalized-, last statement of income -autonomous-, or letter of revaluation of the pension).
3-First page of the Bank Book or a direct debit with the IBAN code. The owner of the contract must be the owner of the bank account.

But if you are already a Cetelem customer ...

... you will only need your ID and have your mobile phone at hand. Without completing forms and without sending documentation: Only with one click.