Orthopedics Silvio collaborates with Teresa Perales

On 06/18/2013, it was a very important date for Silvio Orthopedics

a new space for collaboration with It starts Teresa Perales , Paralympic multichampion, whereby place is going to take a series of joint activities, aimed at helping athletes with a physical disability, athletes professional or amateur level.

Silvio orthopedics and Teresa Perales aim to win and avoid some difficulties encountered this kind of athletes and, in turn, promote Paralympic sport in all its disciplines.

The ceremony of the wheelchair, Sunrise Medical brand, specifically a model active Hellium chair, took place at the premises of Silvio Orthopedics, located in the city of Zaragoza, in c / Royo Urieta 5 and 7.

The event was attended by many friends, clients and a wide range of media, which echoed and gave coverage to this new project.

The intention is performing activities over time, providing professional advice, personalized, evidence of very specific products, sponsorship and collaborationwith athletes and sports centers .... and more activities that will emerge.

Silvio orthopedics and celebrates its 75th anniversary in a very special way, with the best representative and collaborator he could count.

Orthopedics Silvio expected through this project to extend its "scope" and not limited only to the manufacture, sale and marketing of orthopedic products. He also wants to play a leading role in sports for people with disabilities so they can help and assist these people enjoy practicing what they like.