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Still groggy from childbirth, when they brought the little Laura, Amalia's first thought was how badly she had been wearing."I had a blouse and braguilla and leg seemed shrunken". It happened at the Hospital de Igualada (Barcelona) 21 years ago. The baby was hiding a secret that doctors soon revealed: came with a serious malformation."The bad leg foot height reached to the ankle of the leg good", Said Amalia. A concussion, remember, while showing a photo of Laura, pretty girl, with her hierrito the air."In the first prosthetic foot was so rudimentary that I got into all the sewers"She laughs the girl with a driving assistant.

Hila Laura is one of the most veteran patients Dr. Marisa Cabrera, Head of Section of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, Barcelona, ​​and promoter, in the early nineties of the Child Amputee Unit and Adolescent reference for Spain and children also come from Portugal, France, Italy, Cuba, of Venezuela. "The number of patients we control is important, about 1,000 amputations in ten years ", Said Cabrera.

Because, though it's hard to believe that a child may be born without a hand, an arm, a leg or foot, only in Spain have around 4,500 minor-data varies according to the sources, who need dentures because they are born with agenesis (deficiency of upper or lower limb), or because they have suffered a traumatic amputation, or disease.

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