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The Government extended the liquidity Autonomy for 2013

Montoro has stressed that the Government will continue to support all regions that need liquidity through financing mechanisms that have been made available,

Royal Decree-Law 21/2012, of 13 July,liquidity measures and public administrations in the financial field, and could be expected to keep the process "while persisting difficulties Autonomous access to financial markets, corresponding to the Government Commission for Economic Affairs appreciation , annually, in such circumstances. "

The Government Commission for Economic Affairs decided in coming weeks the funds to be allocated for 2013.

The 18,000 million euros which has adopted the FLA in 2012 are destined for the payment of debt maturities, prioritized according to constitutional mandate, as well as vendor financing. The FLA request must be accompanied by an adjustment plan, approved by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, to ensure a credible commitment to comply with the budgetary stability objective.

Montoro, who made the announcement to reporters before chairing the Board of the Catalan employers Foment del Traball, stressed that steps have been taken to support the liquidity of Catalonia for a total of almost 11,700 million euros.

The minister says that Catalonia was the first autonomous in funding from the FLA. The total amount of the transaction amounts to 5433.9 million euros. Catalonia got 1.539 million, from 5.433 million euros of liquidity.

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