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That region has better healthcare model?

What sets Madrid Andalusian healthcare model? What can boast Euskadi? And Catalonia, what differentiates its health system from the rest of Spain? With the health crisis on the front pages for months, many citizens actually know the peculiarities of each region in health. Specialists in health economics essentially criticize options have not been evaluated externally, so that today it is difficult to know for sure which yields better results. ELMUNDO.es has tried to outline the main models that drawthe business of health care in our countrywith the help of leading experts.

Valencia, home of the 'Alzira model'

Meneu Ricard Salvador Peiro, specialists in health economics, analyze the characteristics ofhealthcare in Valencia, Where he started walking in 1999 the Hospital de la Ribera. With him are five in total and Valencian hospitals run by private companies (covering 20% ​​of the population), a formula later extended to the Community of Madrid and other regions.

Madrid, a model at the Crossroads

If there is a community that takes months installed in the controversy over the new health plan, that is Madrid. Felix Wolf, professor in the Department of Economics at the University Carlos III of Madrid,dissects the peculiaritiessystem, which has opted for outsourcing with the protest of the vast majority of professionalsclinical and research.

Catalonia, a complex model of suppliers

In CataloniaThe public health service contracts with various entities providing health, which range from private companies, funds, foundations or even physician groups, as in some health centers. Antoni Trilla, preventive medicine specialist at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, ​​to help unravel some of thesemanage health formulasCatalan citizens.

Basque Country: the patient is the protagonist

Former Minister of Health of the Basque GovernmentRafael Bengoa, Describes the latest changes in the health of the Basque Country who have tried to design a patient-centered model chronic. As highlighted by Bengoa, who is now an international consultant for health topics (among others for the Obama administration in the U.S.), good control of these patients can save money, emergency room visits and improve system efficiency.

Andalusia, 'much ado about nothing'

Unlike Madrid and Valencia,the Andalusianhospital has no hundred percent private management. In return, the Andalusian public health system arranges about 3.7% of its business with private hospitals, explains Antonio Garcia Ruiz, Professor of Health Economics at the University of Málaga.

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