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The Minister of Finance and Public Administration Aragón, José Luis Saz, has defended the Aragonese Cortes a decree law that collects a fee credit of just over 250 million euros



According to information provided by the Government of Aragon, is an amount financed through a loan from the Official Credit Institute (ICO), which was supported by the Cortes of Aragon. The Saz counselor stressed the importance of this supplement to secure employment in companies of all types who expect to receive these outstanding amounts. The operation, explained in the Cortes of Aragon Saz counselor, full payment of € 465 million outstanding, budgetary unscheduled, with which the current government was found in time to start his tenure, in the month of July 2011. The first supplement in order to stem the debt in 2011 was 220.5 million euros.


The subscription of ICO loans that finance the payment to suppliers is an income budget for the year, which can be funded with a surcharge.The sole purpose of this action, according to the Government of Aragon, is to allow the recognition of the maximum possible obligations in the same year thus avoids the problem of previous years, in which the number of outstanding obligations ballasted and activity budget administration from its very entry into force. The additional loan approved in the Parliament of Aragon allows charging to the year 2012 in virtually all healthcare debt and, thus, the Aragon Health Service will be up to date on all your outstanding debts and can manage the exercise of 2013 no charge in your budget, as happened in 2012. This also implies that the full credit this year budgeted to used to finance health activity exercise without previous debts distorted coverage of current needs.


The most important concepts to which this supplement will allocate credit debts relate to medical supplies and pharmaceuticals(209 million, almost 84% of total fee), followed by concerted healthcare (17.5 million); work of cleaning and security companies (12.8 million) and, finally, concepts related to repairs and maintenance of buildings, machinery and equipment (3.8 million).

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