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An electronic code will ensure the safety of new private prescriptions


The new recipe in private practice develops the provisions of Royal Decree 1718/2010 and has been developed by the General Councils of the prescribing professions (Doctors, Dentists and Podiatrists). These organisms are in turn responsible for the issue, management, control and inspection of printing and issuing private prescriptions, as explained in his presentation Thursday the president of the Medical College (OMC), Juan Jose Rodriguez Sendin, Chairman of the Board of Dentists, Alfonso Villa Vigil, and Vice President of the General Council of Podiatrists, Manuel Meneses, along with Pedro Hidalgo, president of the College of Physicians of Badajoz and coordinator of the Prescribing Observatory.


Discrepancies in Catalonia


Juan Jose Rodriguez Sendin, emphasized the advantages of the new model prescription for professionals and citizens, since it specifies "who, where and when" issues a prescription. The patient will also identified with their ID or passport data to be verified with a simple reader in pharmacies. "Up to 15 percent of hospital emergencies are caused by the misuse of drugs. This is now going to be more difficult, because always after a prescription is going to be able to identify the doctor who has done," he said.


Similar in format to the entire national territory, the Catalan schools have chosen their own model and which might invalidate the pending ministerial order, according to the president of the WTO.


The new model has a electronic verification code (CVE), associated with the prescription number, which will check which particular doctor has been assigned a particular book, what belongs College prescribing physician, what is your specialty, what medication and which pharmacy is dispensed. This allows the traceability of the recipe and, if necessary, a ring or a batch recipe for therapeutic reasons or in cases of loss or theft.



Consultations in several provinces


Each referee may at his school headquarters provincial prescription pad you need, one for each specialty practiced by each center and one where it does work. For consultation happens in different towns or provinces, should include data from these homes.


The recipe will also include data of the prescriber, the patient (name, year of birth and number of DNI, NIE or Passport), drug data, number of drugs per prescription (recipe on paper can only be prescribe a single drug and a single package), and in case of drugs, be subject to the existing specific legislation.


The recipe remain in the custody of the pharmacist for a period of three months and shall consist of two parts: the recipe itself and the patient information sheet. Its validity shall be ten days, once the prescription.


Cost per recipe

 Councils are the only schools trained officers to issue these recipes. By this procedure is expected to charge one euro cent per prescription to be charged the relevant professional and this, in turn, affect their members.


The project also involved the General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmacists, with the coordination of Health Administration in order to establish the protocol for approval of the various private electronic prescription systems. As of October 30, 2013, the recipes should be valid also in any European country.

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