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Only 12% of disabled copagarian no products orthoprosthetic

Currently there are in Spain about 3.8 million people with disabilities, of which it is estimated that only 12% would be exempt from copay orthoprosthetic that the government expects to approve next week, Despite being a group most likely to need this type of product.

Royal Decree on the Ministry of Health introduced last November to regulate the future need user inputOrtoprotesico product in the outpatient setting, such as wheelchairs, hearing aids-established external or exceptions.

Thus,not have to pay anythingthose affected by toxic syndrome, income earners and social integration of non-contributory pensions, the long-term unemployed and disabled people covered by the special system of social and economic benefits.

On the latter, industry sources have explained that disability would cover those people with disabilities who receive aid established by the Law on Social Integration of the Disabled, the call LISMI,of which would benefit some 32,000 citizensAs well as those who receive aid under other specific regulations, some regional, can not be compatible.

Along with these, would also be exempt other 454,000 people with physical, sensory or otherwho receive a non-contributory pension income or social integration.

This would give a total of about 486,000 payment exempt disabledif you need orthoprosthetic products. However, there would still be a very high percentage of this group, more than three million, according to the same sources, which itself would face a portion of the amount of these products.

In these cases, according to the draft ministerial order will be debated next week with communities under the Interterritorial Council, will be paid October 1, 40, 50 or 60% of the amount of the benefit, with stops 20 to 40 euros depending on the user's income.

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