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Hospitals managed fringe benefits

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Hospitals managed fringe benefits

The Health Service of Castilla-La Mancha (Sescam) denied yesterday that has blocked the processing of health benefits from 1 December, as reported by the PSOE hours earlier.

The spokesman of the PSOE, Cristina Maestre, complained in the morning the existence of a circular, which showed the media, in which orders blocking as orthoprosthesis benefits processing or oral health of displacement for healthcare, healthcare orders, reimbursement of costs for healthcare and pharmacy. "There are four very precise instructions and very specific," said Master.

According to the Socialists, are all those additional benefits that are expected to enter the copayment.

However, the manager Sanitation Inspection and Performance,Jose Francisco Jimenez Galindo, said in a statement that there have been no orders to block the pipeline.

Only date

Galindo Jimenez explained that "the only change" that will occur from January 1st is that instead of taking out the processing and payment through administrative units performed this feature yet, they will themselves hospitals.

The manager Sanitation Inspection and Performance said that "the main objective is to facilitate the process Sescam citizens who have to apply for unemployment benefits."

Galindo Jimenez explained that from that time citizens will not have to go to the provincial offices, but can carry out the procedure in the hospital. Furthermore, according to the manager, the change will give comprehensive assistance to patients in a single center.

Jimenez Galindo lamented the criticisms of Cristina Maestre, when "what is sought is the benefit of people in need of such benefits." He also said that is a "lie" that binds "to other many other that have occurred by the PSOE." Therefore, the maximum liability manager asked when sending messages "qye not correspond to reality," he concluded.

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