Fixed healing between 10% and 60% off the input by users

The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality has set the contribution that the user will have to pay to access the additional portfolio ortópreotesica outpatient delivery between 10 and 60 percent of the established price, depending on their status as insured by their level income and product, as has been established for pharmaceutical services. The law, approved by Royal Decree published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), which came into effect on Sunday, states they will pay up to 60 offer price product users and their beneficiaries with incomes declared in excess of 100,000 euros and in this case does not apply maximum contribution limit, up to 50 percent if it is less than € 18,000 and less than 100,000 euros, with 40 percent earning less than earlier, and 10 percent of the price pensioners earning less than 100,000 euros. However, Health stated in an annex text includes a subset of products considered small contribution, since it provides for the payment of 10 percent of the price in all cases. This group includes external prosthesis which include, among others, hearing aids, prosthetic hands, breast prosthesis, or prosthetic palate birth defects, trauma and oncological processes, a group of wheelchairs (manuals, parts and electrical) and bracing, special orthoprosthesis and renewal of the external components of surgical implants. In general, the intention is to remind the user regia by the same rules governing pharmaceutical services, but not to apply the same limit to this contribution amount. Thus, the contribution shall be exempt from toxic syndrome affected; income recipients of social integration and non-contributory pension, the long-term unemployed and disabled people covered by special system of social and economic benefits. The goal "is to achieve greater efficiency and consistency in the delivery" for this, "is essential to set a maximum amount applicable to the entire state, so that when you apply the percentages of user input, there will be problems of equity in different areas of management. " In short, says the royal decree, this standard is intended primarily to facilitate access to benefits more rational, efficient and equitable to patients requiring Ortoprotesico product by fixing criteria for inclusion in the offer of the most suitable to meet your needs and the establishment of maximum amounts of funding. THE COMPANY TO ENSURE SUPPLY To set the maximum funding ortoprot productsésicos included in the offer of the NHS, will be established by ministerial order several kinds of products with similar characteristics within each code approved in the case of external orthoprosthesis or each subgroup, in the case of surgical implants, giving each guy a maximum amount of funding. The autonomous communities and officials mutuals may include in their catalogs orthoprosthetic providing products or product types not included in the common catalog if they provide for that additional resources needed, have the financial adequacy prior assurance of compliance under of budgetary stability criteria and the corresponding autonomous community report, giving reasons and prior to its incorporation, the Inter-territorial Council of Health. The offering will be managed by the Directorate General of Basic Services Portfolio National Health System and Pharmacy, as the body responsible for the management of performance, although it will be by order of the holder Health, proposed by the Advisory Committee and the provision orthoprosthetic Interregional Council agreement, when set the maximum amount of funding for each of the product types eligible for funding orthoprosthetic. To establish maximum amounts of funding are valued betweenother aspects, the characteristics of product design, functionality and performance, population groups it targets, the benefits represent about treatment, recovery and quality of life for patients, their prices, consumption and the cost-benefit to the health system can provide. Thus only be financed companies products offered to the NHS according to the established criteria, and its price may not exceed the maximum amount of funding. The company also has a product in the catalog Ortoprotesico should keep it on the market and guarantee the supply necessary to facilitate the delivery.

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