The regional health area reordering save 50 million euros

Valladolid, AGENCIESThe Ministry of Health estimates savings of around 50 million euros in 2013 with health management measures, approved yesterday a decree law, which must validate the Cortes. The area director, Antonio Maria Saez, said that the implementation of this regulation will not involve the removal of any services, but tries to remove "rigidities and flexible" work of professionals.

The Decree-Law includes health management measures, measures for labor service prolongation beyond the statutory retirement age, state regulation adapts disability and suspends the productivity variable perceived health professionals, while maintaining 45 remuneration percent productivity due 2002 Framework Agreement. All to meet the commitments of the Economic and Financial Plan 2012-2014.

Saez said that savings can not be specified in the caseprofessionals who choose to continue on active duty after age 65, because it is a personal decision. In general, said that more retiring than those who decide to go and said they have less than 500 who have extended their work to a staff of 38,000 professionals.

In health management framework includes strengthening the basic health area as a framework for the allocation of ordinary care functions, which have a triple effect from the point of view of cost containment: a redesign and better use of the effective economic complement reduction for accumulation to be received by health professionals and substitutions reduced, due to the introduction of this new system of assignment that this rule is relaxed.

The counselor explained that primary care is rearranged but keep all services in the primary care areas, primary care teams and services area. This, he explained, that professionals can move from one area to another and determine the workloadin each.

Also, by this decree law amending some articles of the Law on Health System of Castilla and Leon regulating existing services that are common to several health areas. Thus, physiotherapy, oral health and midwives will be on-call points from which to attend various health areas.

Regarding the request of the Regional Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FRMP) to maintain nighttime emergencies in rural centers and outlying municipalities, the Minister has said "note" and recalled that emergency care in rural health centers and clinics will continue paying local.

The only peculiarity is that between 2200 hours and 0800 hours primary care emergencies that were provided in local clinics will focus on health centers, like what happens in the rest of Spain, as Saez Aguado justified in the low frequencyregistered for such services, reports "Europa Press".

On the other hand, was known yesterday that the debt of the Junta de Castilla y León with the health technology sector amounted to 138.95 million euros at the end of September. Overall, the debt of the regions with these companies amounted to 2,570 million euros.

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