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The Council of Ministers approved on Friday (and this Saturday it has released the BOE), At the request of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, the Draft Royal Decree laying down the basis for establishing the maximum orthoprosthesis funding. Prior to this rule, each established their own autonomous region orthoprosthesis catalog, giving rise to significant differences, the ministry noted. With this agreement, the citizen will access the same product, with the same maximum amount of funding, regardless of where you live, who heads the department highlights Ana Mato.

Ana Mato and Pilar Farjas general secretary, in an Interregional.

This project lays the foundation for subsequent development through ministerial orders, what is covered. However, only the application of the maximum amounts of funding to all orthoprosthetic provision to open the door to this project would result in reduced health costs of about 53 million euros.

Among the most important aspects covered in this Draft Royal Decree ministry emphasizes the establishment of a common catalog, which will include the contents of providing additional outpatient orthoprosthetic at least have to provide all regions, officials Ingesa and mutual .

Financing, maximum amounts and user input

He also announced the creation of the product offering orthoprosthetic National Health System (NHS), which determine the set of products likely to be funded by the NHS. Just be financed products offered to the SNS companies accordingto the established criteria, and its price may not exceed the maximum amount of funding. The standard establishes criteria for inclusion in the Offer orthoprosthetic products and bases of the bidding procedure.

As for the maximum amounts of funding, will be the maximum amount to be set for each type of product, for the purpose of financing the NHS, including, where appropriate, the contribution of the user. Regarding the contribution of the user, the system is governed by the same rules governing pharmaceutical services, but with different limits to be established. There will be three types of contribution. Products will be exempt than outpatient dispensing, as surgical implants. In addition, be exempt cases provided for in Royal Decree-Law 16/2012 (long-term unemployed who have lost the right to an allowance, income earners social integration, non-contributory pension, disabled beneficiaries System benefits provided by law for social integration of people with disabilities affected by toxic syndrome, etc..). Contribution will have a 10% reduced price offer products for most serious diseases and more expensive.

Additional Portfolio

The regulation of orthoprosthetic provision, along with the dietoterápicos, nonemergency medical transportation and medications are part of the additional common portfolio the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality are setting along with the regions. These benefits, in some cases, require, as before, a user's contribution. This contribution is being set and unifying.

Pharmacy is the first area where they have built equity criteria in the user input, which has already led to savings of 636 million euros in the first three months of application. In the case of dietoterápicos, the Official Gazette published in the coming days the ministerial order establishing a common factor billing provision dietary products. The measure will calculate the billing amount for each of the products included in the product offering dietary National Health System.

As for non-emergency medical transport, the ministry and the regions are in a technical phase to set the contributions, limits and cases that would be exemptcontribution. By the end of the year may be approved by the Commission on Inter-territorial Council Services NHS supplementary services portfolio.

Common billing Factor diet products

Alsothe BOE has published Saturday ministerial orderestablishing a common factor billing provision dietary products. According to the ministry, as will calculate the billing amount for each of the products included in the product offering dietary National Health System. Thus, the department headed by Ana Mato believes that promotes equal access to these products, because so far this factor was different in each region. This measure also is expected to achieve savings of around 55 million euros. For the first time, in addition, all products have the same price in all pharmacies in the country.

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