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Gipuzkoa Deputy Social Policy, Ander Rodriguez, said that "not a reflection fetched" but seeks clarity on the approaches. "It's interesting to move towards a unified model", reported, pointing to things like dependency. Rodriguez calls an "expansion of the concepts of Social Security protection, extending the dependency care" in order to provide "stability to the funding of health and social services." From Álava, Rep. Martha Alaña (PP) considered sufficient to make a better coordination.

We lose a lot of money to provide a social service and other healthcare, we have to appear in the houses together, "he said last week the Minister of Health,Rafael Bengoa.The director wanted to emphasize about these situations that occur in Basque households and generate a "duplication"better management which would save "millions".

Bengoa has insisted in the past on the need for a deeper reflection on the seams of both systems, the health and social space, known as geriatric, which widens as it advances the aging of the population and that each rather gobbling more financial and human resources.


  • The intermediate spaces such as geriatric, generate resources for this character whose financing can be the subject of confrontation between institutions. This is the case of residences, statutory jurisdiction in which care is given. Health pays part through socio agreements, but the councils agree that these payments are insufficient.
  • According to the deputy Alava in the industry, the amount you pay Health is "clearly insufficient because of the eight million it costs, the Basque Government only pays us three." In Bizkaia, the government pays 47% of the cost of the 100 seats of these unitssocio residential and 53% is paid out of the County. The deputy Gipuzkoa, Ander Rodriguez Bengoa asks "begins to provide or pay for all medical services that occur in residences."

He appealed and the need to create a "single" when to offer these two services and ensured that, in the next legislature, both Basque and other communities will have to "raise the level of the provision of social services and health" . "Joining the ministries of Health and Social Affairs is a trend that is occurring today," says the Deputy Minister of Social Affairs, Alfonso Gurpegui, listing cases like the Spaniard, Castile-La Mancha and the most recent, that of Andalusia, but immediately afterwards says that "include both systems in the same department does not necessarily facilitate coordination".

In other communities, this would unify departments of regional governments. Doing it in Euskadi involves difficulties that flow from the added complexity of the competitive structure, since the area of ​​Social Services is widely held. The regional level manages services such as the remote alarm, which serves more than 25,000 people, the leasehold assumes the residences, day centers and payment of dependency and care for children at risk, while municipalities perform the home help service. Coordination is done through geriatric care Basque Council with a framework document which was signed in 2011 and three territorial plans. But "a long way to go," says Gurpegui. The challenge is "to develop geriatric care at home, with basic equipment and a joint plan of care for each person," says the Deputy Minister of Health, Jesus Maria Fernandez, pointing to the need for close cooperation between the occupational health centers and basic social services.

The challenge is to achieve the joint action of social services and health centers

This means that all Euskadi, per system, do so in some places it takes a while, that there is not a moment in which the person needs to be off the radar socio-since they will discharge him in the hospital until your home is properly equipped service. To do this, we work on creating a unified information system that eliminates the dark spaces allowing access from residences to medical records and streamlining the assessment of dependence, among other tasks.

Bengoa said last week that seeks not invade other skills, but to improve the care and use of resources. TheProvincial Council of Bizkaiadiscards go into this discussion, referring to its April 2011 opinion, in which the three councils, then all thePNV, Branded a "direct attack" their skills counselor approaches. Now, with new faces, postures are relaxed.

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