The new law calls for unified dependence and review criteria copayment.

Also, Mato stressed that to ensure that "anyone who needs left unattended," the Government "will strengthen the work of the extensive network of social services that had been relegated."

The Council of Ministers is expected to approve on Friday a reform of the Law of Personal Autonomy and Care for Dependency that will introduce changes to unify criteria in all the Autonomous Communities, review the copayment and professionalize care services to dependence, "controlling" for family caregivers, as predicted yesterday the Minister ofHealth, Ana Mato.
Before, there will be a meeting of the Inter-Territorial Unit, on Tuesday, to agree changes to the regions, whose general managers in this area and they have been offered a draft Royal Decree for the revision of the copayment, an assessment of the Law enforcement and proposals for changing battery developed by the Executive.
Minister's ownHealthmoved that held a new management system to "ensure its future viability," "thereby ensuring better care for dependent persons." And in particular, said to be "revise and simplify the assessment process" so that similar situations be offered the same response throughout.

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