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Communities already accumulated a debt of more than 6,000 million in medicines and medical devices

The provider payment plan put almost zero debt with laboratories communities that supply drugs to hospitals. Now seven months after the bill becomes to skyrocket. The regionspharmaceutical companies must more than 6,000 million euros,3,200 million in medicines for hospital use and2.806 million more in medical(Gauze, catheters, probes ...). These are the latest data from Farmaindustria, bringing together employers and pharmaceutical industry Fenin, the federation of health technology companies.

As regards the average payment period, throughout the NHS stood, to December 31, 2012, in 261 days, more than eight months late for drugs and 273 days with the average wait technology companies.

The autonomous communities that most need to pharmaceutical laboratories are Madrid, Andalusia and Valencia. At the opposite end, Navarra had less debt accumulates. At time of payment are Valencia (372 days) and Castilla-La Mancha (316) the slowest to pay. The situation is similar to medical devices. Andalusia, Madrid and Valencia are most arrrastran debt and also take longer to pay.

Rebound effect

The accumulated debt on drugsis 50% lower than the state ended last June. That year, hospitals and public entities owed to drugmakers about 6.369 million euros. However, this amount, which was settled by 96% in June 2012 thanks to provider payment plan, debt was accumulated over several years. Only last year, accumulated half of this amount.

Healthcare Technology Industry is also concerned about how it has been rebuilt a bag of debt.

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