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The government, despite having announced that the measure only had a deterrent purpose, says now that will have to "take steps" to adjust regional accounts  

"Look, I have four euros saved. And I come in handy ". Joaquina, 72, came out yesterday from a pharmacy Ambassadors street (Madrid) with four euros more in portfolio that had gone the day before to find the medicines they take her and her husband. The Constitutional Court agreed to hear the appeal of the Government of Rajoy Madrid prescription euro on Tuesday at noon.At 1320 the College of Pharmacists reached a resolution of the Ministry of Health that paralyze ordered collection of the rate immediately. Communication to pharmacies was almost automatic. After 29 days of application, it is just the controversial prescription euro, against which physicians have spoken, pharmacists and users.

The rate now leaves some questions. The regional government will return? When collected? According to a spokesman of the Ministry of Health, if the Constitution does not require it, no. Catalonia euro has not returned the prescription to their citizens. The regional president, Ignacio Gonzalez, said yesterday that Madrid has raised about five million in just 29 days of application of the measure. The calculation is based on the issue of prescription, about 6.1 million, of which it is believed that the rate should pay five million.

It is to be seen what effect has euro objection prescription, much more massive in Madrid than in Catalonia, according to the College of Pharmacists of Madrid. The forms for filing rebellious that distributedHealth in the pharmacies were sold out in just two or three days. Pharmacists have had to make copies or print the forms to offer them to customers who refused to pay euro per prescription. "I feel great," said Rosa Vieitez, the owner of a pharmacy which is open 24 hours in the Madrid district Arganzuela half hour after meeting the admissibility of the appeal, which involved the immediate interim suspension. "I'm the first cut but I interested in," he added. Pharmacists have refused from the start to exercise from "collectors". Her school has assured to be satisfied with the decision of the Constitutional. Also the doctors, who described the rate of "tax collection".

The Community has never estimated how the measure would save, but how much it would win 83 million annual revenue. A negligible amount now, with the application of the levy suspended for five months after this time, the Constitutional Court must decide whether the suspension or freeze remains until it deems the matter background-budget out of position. We will have to adjust regional accounts Lasquetty said yesterday. Gonzalez also spoke Tuesday to "take action" and start"Steps" to "get a balanced budget." Do more cuts ahead?The statements of both the President and the Minister of Health, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, after learning of the suspension of prescription euro show that for most who claimed on several occasions that his goal was just "deterrent" and rationalization of pharmaceutical consumption (" no collection effort, "reads the Sustainability Plan itself announcing the measure), also sought to increase revenue.

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