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 Health budgets of the Autonomous Communities (CCAA) per capita decreased for the third consecutive year in 2013, according to a comparative study prepared by the Federation of Associations for the Defence of Public Health (FASDP)

 Based on public health budgets considered "generally inadequate", the values ​​FASDP still exists "is a striking difference, and not justifiable" among ACs in terms of per capita budgets, where their health care problems. This organization analyzed the health budgets of the autonomous communities in the relevant approved regional parliaments, calculating what they mean in health spending per capita (population according to the INE census approved in December 2012, RD 1697/2012), whose figures are included in the table below, comparing with budgeted amounts for 2010, 2011 and 2012.


InThis study clarifies that definitive data are still lacking in Catalonia and the Basque Country who have recently had elections and work with a budget extension 2012, the difference with this year's data are due to increased population. In Navarre, the 2012 budget extended the autonomous parliament reject the proposed project and it seems unlikely to be adopted new ones.


Second, it is clarified that there is a decrease from budgeted expenditure per capita for 2012 (€ 19.84 per capita, one - 1.63%% on average). Since 2010 the difference is when compared to 2010 the decrease is € 152.84 per capita (- 11.37%) which means that the resources of the Public Health diminish significantly.


En tres años, la sanidad pública ha perdido 152 euros per capita de financiaciónThe FASDP believes what is known of the draft budgets for 2013 of Catalonia and the Basque Country (public statements of the leaders of these CCAA) "foresees a significant budget reduction in both cases, so that the cut is probably higher reported ".


There are marked differences in the budget per capita (average of € 1,191.11 CCAA), with peaks in the Basque Country (1551.75) and lowest in Valencia (965.44).


Declining budgets average of 1.63%, but also with a very broad deviations, even in some autonomous communities is an increase (Cantabria).


And contrary to the common belief, the FASDP claims that pharmaceutical spending is not declining in the NHS as a whole, because, although this decrease prescriptions corresponding to Social Security, not so with hospital drug spending still continues to increase .

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