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The Catalan government has approved the Decree 37/2013, to restructure the Department of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia (CatSalud), which determines its structure and functions of the various units. The aim is to ensure a more effective and efficient operation of the Department in developing the Health Plan 2011-2015.


The new decree stresses the importance of social and local participation in the field of health, through an active organ specific, the Secretary of Social and Local Participation in Health. The new secretariat will be responsible for promoting and coordinating the local representation and citizen participation in the organs of the Department as well as to encourage collaborative activities, cooperation and coordination with local authorities.


The government also prioritizes public health and community through the creation of the Ministry of Public Health, which implements the Public Health Act, and will have skills in occupational health. Thus, the Public Health Agency of Catalonia and the Catalan Institute of Medical and Health Assessments will be attached to the Department of Healththrough this Secretariat.



Two new divisions



The new restructuring establishes two new divisions to assume the functions hitherto carried outthe Directorate General of Regulation, Planning and Health Resources. On the one hand, establishing the Directorate General of Planning and Health Research, which correspond health planning skills according to the needs of industry. You will also have responsibilities for health professions and research and innovation in the field of health. Moreover, establishing the Directorate General of Planning and Regulation, as guarantor of the authorization and accreditation of all schools and health facilities in Catalonia and patient safety.


Organs removed


With the new decree will suppress the following bodies: the Ministry of Strategy and Coordination, DG Regulation, Planning and Health Resources and Public Health Directorate.

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