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Not five euros for physiotherapists

Disability. Ni 20 euros a month for four sessions of physical therapy or speech parents can afford some of the children and adolescents with disabilities on the island. A situation that is becoming more common and falling like a stone on practitioners and associations, concerned about the quality of life of those affected.


MARTA TORRES | IBIZAA Boned Carmen drops her heart sank every time he is aware of the humiliation and shame felt by parents of children and adolescents with disabilities to recognize that they can pay the measly five euros for a session of physical therapy or speech in the Association of People with Special Needs in Ibiza and Formentera(Apneef) presiding. "Do not give more than one session per week per child because we are saturated. They are 20 euros per month. And even that many families can afford, "bitterly regrets Apneef the president, who sees this situation day after day. Impotence is eaten.

The same thing happens to Irene Escandell, president of the Association of Family Pitiusa Mentally Ill (APFEM) whenever he sees the pain of parents who can not afford the airfare, increasingly expensive, to see his children, inmates admitted or specific centers exist on the island. "It hurts to see them," he notes.

Carmen Escandell, mother of Juan Carlos, a great clerk, does not know how to make him understand that his other daughter spend Christmas this year here in Ibiza. That will not travel to town to see Grandma, who also grieve because they can not bear the expense. Carmen stopped working shortly after having her son, seeing that required constant attention. Cobra Law Unit for less than 450 euros (before the 15% cut was 520) a month and her husband off work, also enter less right now. To this must be added the 2,000 euros it owes the Ib-Salut Shuttle diets. Carmennot understand what is going on with the disabled, the dependent and the Law Unit.

What leads worst right now is no longer listed. If you do have told her she has to pay Social Security, "They are charging 235 euros and 440, it is not logical." She and other mothers in the same situation have asked the Consell of Ibiza to help them pay for these 235 euros, but the only response I have received, on 15 November, on the island of Social Welfare Councillor, Mercedes Prats is " smoke '. "Only have agreed to ask the Minister of Health Balearic consider our situation," he laments. "Our future is fucked. We will have nothing, "notes bitterly.

What's more, the cuts in health of other communities also affect this family. This past September, Juan Carlos Carmen took the doctor treating you in Barcelona in Sant Joan de Deu Hospital. He spent three days of hospitalization. For the first time, the family found he had to take unforeseen expenses: passenger food, which until now was always included in pediatrics and child diapers every day he was admitted. A blow to its economy.

"Do not give us a break," says Carmen Escandell, deeply disappointed and disillusioned with politicians. "They're after the weakest. Let us cut to me and families like mine, who have had the misfortune of being in this situation is a disgrace. Do not give us the resources for people with disabilities are well served and now we are removing more and more, a little more, to leave us with almost nothing, "insists Carmen, who feels increasingly alone in superhuman efforts do in their family to ensure a minimum quality of life for the small Juan Carlos.

"Why politicians diets charged each month and we can not?"
When Carmen Escandell checks itemized bills medical transfers the Ib-Salut has not paid yet light. The last one I paid up to November 2010, ie for more than two years now. In total, more than 2,000 euros including lunch, dinner, breakfast and some of the bills he had to pay entirely out of pocket when the Association of Travel Agencies decided to stop further Balears tickets for medical transfers through debt Govern. That money does not comehotel nights he has had to pay because the flight schedules assured him not being on time for the appointment with the doctors caring for her son, Juan Carlos, much dependent.

"What I do not understand is why me must diets over two years ago and, instead, to the politicians they pay each month in salary, as I confirmed the Health exconsellera Carmen Castro" asks Carmen Escandell . Every time, on a flight, with politicians was wondering if their diets carry the same delay. When he dared to ask Castro and found out the answer, they took all the demons. The anger that took was monumental. And still lasts. "You do not understand that there is money to pay them and not pay us," he insists. "In my case, over 2,000 euros, but there are people who owe much more because it also has outstanding receivables orthopedic material aids, wheelchairs, adapted cars, 'says Carmen Escandell, who did not dare to ask how politicians charged diets. Afraid the answer. "I bet a lot more than us," speculated before formulated another question: "If you had to advance the money so long, like us, would travel?».

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