Madrid also charged € 1 per prescription

The Community of Madrid is the path of Catalonia. The regional president, Ignacio González has announced thatstarting form January 1 next year will be charged one euro per prescription. Up to 83 million is projected to enter for this item. Accompanying law collect budgets the way they are charged. The budget amounts to 17.048 million euros.

Be exempt, for example, toxic syndrome affected and disability, those with non-contributory pensions, the unemployed who have lost jobless ... But retired pay.

"Healing will remain universal, free and of the highest quality," he said. Alsohas said it will reform the model of hospital management to make it "more efficient".Health's budget fell by 7%. "We will promote the rational use of medicines. We reduce drug costs by 26% per month. Will implement a new rate of one euro to the issuing of prescriptions, is deterrence," he explained.

Health professionals could create cooperatives andto manage health centers, after participating in a public competition. Ignacio Gonzalez reported that already done in Catalonia and other countries with good results and savings for the government. The limit is that it can only be put out to tender 10% of the total. In the coming days we will announce more details of these competitions.

The healthcare savings does not stop there. They outsource all non-health services in hospitals. And also provides savings bycentralized purchasing.In addition, the hospital of La Princesa will specialize in treating elderly and the Hospital Carlos III is for medium long stays.

Bajan expenses 7.7%, to EUR 1,924 million. Enter money on sale of property, own taxes and settlement funding system. "We have been in the worst case scenario," he said in relation to the preparation of budgets to avoid mismatches to exercise.

Increases revenue 18.13%, 1.335 million euros. There will be a reduction in public spending, maintaining all social services, enhancing the efficiency and prioritization of these basic services. Reducing administrative structure. The Presidential Supre, Data Protection Agency, Agencia Lain Entralgo Promomadrid and the Economic and Social Council. Reduction and elimination of agencies and corporations.

Transport loses 21% of its budget. Reduced Transport Consortium contribution to 150 million.

Subsidies were reduced by 54%and the contribution to development cooperation issues except catastrophe. It also reduces the starting torque immigration immigration reduction, explained.

L Commitmenta dual vocational training increased by 85%. It combines theoretical and practical training.

Overall, the budget reduces current spending, subsidies (-54%) and increase revenues without raising taxes, as summarized Gonzalez.Maintains public wages and downsizing due to retirement of staffand no replacement.

"The budget of the Community of Madrid is the most supportive of all Spain", he said. The next year the regionSolidarity Fund contributes 73%, 2.500 millioneuros. Contribute to the fund of 516 million Global Suficienca.

Regional Presidenthas qualified presupestos of "responsible, rigorous, serious". "In keeping with our times. He is one of the most difficult budgets we've had to make in nine years. Guaranteed to locals who apply our policies and essential public services with that level of quality."

A provision that there may be no subsidy to political parties, trade unions and business organizations except those incident to its own activity.

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