Pensioners pay 10% of wheelchairs and prosthetics

Pensioners need Ortoprotesico apparatus from wheelchairs to canes, prostheses or implants paid 10% of their value. The rest of policyholders will pay according to their income: if they win from 18,000 to 100,000 euros, 50%, if they are below this age, 40% and if they pass, 60%. This is stipulated in the Royal Decree that appears today in theBOE. With this regulation the government unifies the payments to be made by patients, which varied between communities (in some, many of these products were free, in others there copayments ranging from 20 to 50%). Unemployed without benefits or insertion income recipients are exempt.

There will also be a number of products for which it will pay 10%. These, listed in an annex, are, for example, partial external prostheses hand and foot, the outer breast, hearing aids and manual wheelchairs. The electric only subsidizesshall by 90% in "patients with severe functional limitations for musculoskeletal disease, malformation or accident." Fall into this category of contribution reduced compression garments for burn patients or people with lymphedema (lymphatic system problem in which this does not drain and accumulate liquids), for example.

This model is similar to copayment medications, but there is no ceiling, as if it's with drugs for pensioners (8, 16 or 60 euros per month depending on your income).

The copayment does not affect surgical implants (hip replacement, for example), which are used "in health centers without user input."

In addition, the Royal Decree sets the maximum Administrations pay for each product type, so that allcommunities pay the same.

As in all these standards, there is room for a community to reduce what they have to provide users, or to expand the product offering. These should meet three conditions: to "establish for it the necessary additional resources" that "with prior assurance of sufficient funding as part of the fulfillment of budgetary stability criteria" and that "the autonomous community corresponding report, so motivated and prior to its incorporation, the Inter-territorial Council of Health ".

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