Health will be a single list of pharmacies 'on line' legal

The industry welcomes the new measures against fraudulent sale of drugs
However, remember the good work already done in pharmacovigilance
The Cabinetapproved on October 19 an amendment to the Medicines Act in order to provide more security guarantees and prevent the entry of counterfeit medicines in the legal channel. Some changes are applauded by pharmaceutical schools but always remembering that "on pharmacovigilance and detection of fake drugs were already doing their homework," said Cecilio Venegas as general feeling, president COF of Badajoz.


One consequence of this modification of the current regulations will be the creation by the Ministry of Health of a website depends on this department which will include a list of all pharmacies onlyonlineoperating in compliance with national law. "The goal is that people know where to buy and where not," explained Agustin Rivero, CEO of Portfolio Basic NHS and Pharmacy Services.


Those pharmacies that are part of this list shall indicate on its website a series of data "to identify you as a legal provider" and incorporate a common logo currently working in the European Commission will be granted only if it meets the requirements to operate.
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