How to choose portable ramps for scooter or wheelchair????

The choice of a portable ramp for wheelchair or scooter is not rocket science, but needs some considerations. Here's a general guide:


Ramp width:

It is easy, make sure that the wheelchair or scooter to fit the width of the ramp with a margin of safety.

If the ramp is to be used in the side door of a van, make sure you have enough to open the door to enter the ramp. If the side entrance is a problem, consider using ramps in the back door.


Ramp length and inclination:

The length of the ramp is important because it dictates the angle or inclination of the vertical height. In the following sections, we will discuss how to choose a suitable inclination. But to get an idea, you can use ramps comparative table:



Power chair ramps and scooters:

Each motorized wheelchair or scooter has a maximum allowable slope. We recommend you choose a ramp that she does not exceed allowable angle your power chair or scooter.


Wheelchair Rampsmanual wheelchairs:

Getting a manual wheelchair up a ramp, has much to do with physical strength. Apparently a longer ramp makes it easier to save the slope. As a starting point, it is recommended that the degree of slope does not exceed 9.6 °.


Turning radius

Before deciding on a ramp length, there are some things to check. Sometimes you have to make a turn before entering the ramp or after lowering. Do you have enough room to turn around? For example, the ramp is used indoors, on a deck or driveway with a nearby wall.


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