Getting the most out of the batteries of a scooter or power chair

No vehicle works without an efficient fuel. The scooters are no exception. Batteries installed on scooters act as fuel tanks and therefore must be well maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question. What is the best way to prepare battery packs in order to get the most out of them?

Answer.Although the dealer should have fully charged the batteries in your scooter before delivery, we recommend charging the batteries before first use. When finished use on your scooter, put the batteries to charge and leave them in the charger until you have completedtheir charging cycle. The electric charge when charging is minimal and with an autoloader is not necessary disconnect immediately.


Most mobility batteries are defined as "traction" or "deep cycle". These batteries start with a very low capacity, and as they are loaded and unloaded through normal use for a period of time, their capacity (power output) increases with time. Therefore when the scooter acquires again appears to have a low power (approximately 50% of available capacity.) After 10 or 15 cycles of charge / discharge of the batteries should reach about 100% of its capacity.

Question.What I can expect the battery life?

Answer.Mobility batteries must deliver an average life of up to 18 months, depending on use. In an application of a use of a scooterOnce or twice a week the battery could potentially have a duration of up to three years. In an application to use your scooter daily and traveling on long trips, the battery life could be between 12 to 18 months.

Question.What things can affect the driving range of electric scooters?

Reply. The weight of the vehicle and the user, the ambient temperature, the state of battery charge, tire pressure and terrain can affect the range of battery life. If the temperature range is outside of our annual average is, a temperature too high or too low, this will affect the battery life.

More tips on Batteries:

- Never operate fully discharged batteries, be careful not to leave lights or any other contact in place.

- Charge the batteries provided after use.

- Charge the batteries before an exit and always after use (ideally when the 'gauge' is found in about 50%).

- When storing your scooter for more than six weeks, it is recommended to fully charge the batteries, disconnect and above recharge the batteries monthly.

- Never disconnect the charger before indicating full charge of the batteries.

- Unplug the battery charger and the mains, after loading. (Some chargers can drain the batteries if left connected for long periods of time).

- Always dispose of used batteries through an approved source to prevent improper disposal. Please contact your dealer or the local authority to find an appropriate agent.


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