ORTOMEDICALCARE. On 27 and 28 September in Madrid the fairORTOMEDICALCARE, The leading trade fair orthoprosthetic sector, technical aids and geriatrics.

PUNTEX interview with Charles Cordoba, president of FEDOP.

1. - In the V edition, Ortho Medical Care Fair remains the referencesector in southern Europe. What is the key to success?

ORTHO MEDICAL CARE, CARE PRO ORTHO before, today is the leading trade fair in the sector orthoprosthetic, technical aids and geriatrics. And this is because, obviously, work and proven results for many years, in each of the previous editions.

One of its main advantages is the combination between commercial exposure and an extensive scientific program. We consider it essential that both aspects go hand in hand. Equally important is to know the news of the business landscape, such as recycling expertise of professionals in the industry.

Two. - What news we find this year?

The main novelty of ORTHO MEDICAL CARE this year is the addition of the medical sector, specifically, hospital equipment, expansion is also reflected in the renewed name of the event.

Considering the demand that we have been observing over the previous editions, we study the possibility of integrating this highly related, offering a trading platform and consolidated to a group that did not have their own fair.

Also, I can announce the special participation of Portugal in ORTHO MEDICAL CARE 2012 as guest. After reaching an agreement with the Portuguese Association of Technical Orthotics (ANTO), a delegation of professionals visiting the fair neighbor and Congress prominently. Also present students and teachers of the colleges in the country neighbor.

New ideas, new projects, expansion of view, but the same essence: provide business and industry professionals trade scenario and retraining, a meeting place to see and be seen.

Three. - One of the hallmarks of this roomis the combination between exposure offering extensive commercial and scientific program. What will be the theme of this edition?

We consider it essential that both aspects go hand in hand. Therefore, and always looking for interesting and offer training in line with the real needs of the participants, in this edition ORTHO Congress will address different aspects of cerebral palsy, the treatment of burns, diabetic foot, the problem of fitting or developments in aesthetic prostheses.

As for the CARE program will begin analyzing the current situation in the framework of Law Unit, to continue with issues such as alternatives to nursing homes and other aspects prcticos in the care of older people, such as caring for pressure ulcers or case law relating to legal incapacitation. The greatest assets, the role of pets in their treatment or care effects on people over social austerity policies will be other issues to be addressed.

Since then, a full menu and interesting to get an overview of each of the issues set on the table. 

April. - Paragraph paragraph ORTHO CARE and share the stage again. What does it mean for the visitor the joint celebration of these two events?

As we have been doing since 2004, orthopedic companies will share the exhibition space with the world of geriatrics, adding value to the fair industry leader. Moreover, as I noted, this year we opened the doors to companies engaged in medical equipment for hospitals. With this integrated approach, we provide professional visitors an overview of the current business landscape in the fields that concern them.

In the training section, will be continued in the two conferences independently and in parallel: Congress and Congress ORTHO CARE. Both programs, designed a multidisciplinary, address issues of interest to professionals in these sectors, and will include the participation of specialized components in each of the subjects.

Certainly a major commitment to holding a single event, global and inclusive, to remain as a reference in the sector. 

May. - In the current situation, what are the expectations of participation and attendance?

It is undeniable that in the current economic climate, not all companies are able to go to a show like ours, so we expect the number of exhibitors who will be diminished compared to previous years. However, many companies that know the potential of being present in ORTHO MEDICAL CARE and are betting on a part of this industry-leading project. Thank from here to casi hundred exhibitors have already confirmed their attendance.

As for the Congress (ORTHO and CARE), however, we expect the number of professionals is equal or higher than in previous years because the training section is highly demanded by technicians orthoprosthetic, always interested in updating their skills and meet other professional practices. 

June. - What are the future prospects for the sector and geriatric Ortoprotesico?

With an increasingly aging population, forecasts predict continued development of both sectors, and in Spain, undeniable destiny European Senior. At this point there is also the ever faster development of new technologies designed to improve our daily lives, as well as its popularity among the general population (automation, technical aids for the elderly, etc..).

For all these reasons, I consider that both orthoprosthetic indisputable as geriatrics are two camps on the rise and with great potential for development in our country. 

July. - When will the next appointment?


ORTHO The first edition was held in Valladolid in 1982, thirty years ago. Since then Congress and the Fair have been held every two years, first on the move by Spain, and since 2004 with permanent headquarters in Madrid, and always growing and innovating approaches. The next edition is scheduled for fall 2014 in the capital.

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