Aragon front in reducing dependence on public investment

Dependents of Aragon will be one of the main affected by the changes made by the central government in the development of the Law Unit and, mainly, will mean a reduction in investment. Thus, according to a report by the National Observatory of the Unit, the community will be the fourth with a greater reduction (17.3%) of public investment to care for this group, only surpassed by Murcia and the Balearic Islands (18.9 %) and Canarias (22.7%)

The percentage will be a reduction in excess of 26 million euros compared to 2011, due to the sum of the cuts caused by state funding reductions and the possibility granted to the regions to implement savings.


Deletions The actions of the central government for the abolition of the agreed level of funding to communities as reflected in the budget and that will mean more than 11 million euros less to Aragon. Furthermore, Decree 20/2012of July 13, 2012 amended several basic aspects of the law and reduce deliveries to regions by the minimum level guaranteed by an average of 13.24%. Here, the state cut is close to 3 million. In total, the report warns of a financial loss to the regional coffers over 14 milion euros, representing a decrease of 27.24% over 2011 state funding. La Rioja (29%), Asturias (28.92%) and Castilla y León (27.42%) are the only ones that would support a reduction greater.

The decree also includes spending cuts measures that favor those regions, among which is included the reduction of the economic benefit for care in the home environment (PECEF) by 15% from August 1 and the elimination from the same date, the right to receive the amounts retroactively for these benefits in cases in which they were earned.

In the first section, the regional government will save an estimated 3.7 million euros and the benefit of saving the abolition of retroactive amount to 8.4, bringing to 12.1 million in potential savings for Aragon region - 305 million in total between allautonomy -.

Thus, the report of the National Observatory of the Unit provides a total impact between the two cuts from the state and the savings that will benefit the regional coffers, more than 26 million euros, ie 17% compared to 2011 and a much higher percentage to 11.2% of the national average.

The report warns, in this regard, that "the territories that already had very poor management data further reduce public investment in the system, thus worsening surely evolving providing care" and states that, by the Conversely, communities that had better data management "have much less scope for savings and will be forced into drastic decisions to safeguard budgetary balances, thus worsening their ratios of attention."


IMPACT PER PERSON The cut will affect a global impact in five months - from August to December - from 344 euros per person, which is slightly more than 65 euros per month per person served. Alsoin this section Aragon is ranked third in the most affected communities, behind Canary (79.59) and Balearic Islands (71.41). In the rest of the country, this amount totaled just 52 euros, so each dependent Aragonese receive about 13 euros less than what will be done nationally.

In total, attention to those eligible will have an average of 274 euros less than now and the end of the year, ie each dependent trimming Aragon will be 70 euros higher than the national average.

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