The Unification Ministry last orthoprosthetic price as a prelude to the copayment

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Health also give the green light to the creation of a system of early warning and rapid response networks integrated national health surveillance

The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality latest creation and regulation of a computerized register business communications orthoprosthetic product, prior to establishing orthoprosthetic product offerings subject to funding and maximum amounts of funding thereof. According technicians have found the Ministry, the complexity of this provision is the high number of referrals and the fact that there is a common price for them.

For this reason, the department heads Ana Mato propose to establish autonomous communities, by order, a mechanism for the real prices of dentures that have been implemented in the whole of Spain. This information, which will be discussed at the next Inter-Territorial Council (IC) on March 21, "is a necessary condition to establish the maximum amounts to be financed in each prosthesis and hence the contributions of the insured", as expressed in the outcome document of the Executive Committee of the IC to have accessedMedical Writing.

The register will include external orthoprosthesis unprocessed as included in the sections of external prostheses, wheelchairs, orthotics and special orthoprosthesis. The comunicación of these products to search shall be made directly by the companies through the electronic office of the Ministry. In this regard, the record will be managed by the General Services Basic Portfolio National Health System and the Cohesion Fund of the Ministry, headed by Jorge Juan Relaño, which shall make the information of the final entries in the record available to the autonomous communities, the mutual Ingesa and officials.

Concentration of early warning systems

On the other hand, after receiving the approval of the Commission of the Ministry of Public Health, the Interregional Council will endorse on the 21 to the creation of new integrated Early Warning and Rapid Response System diseases in the National Health Service (NHS). The project integrates into a single national network mechanism epidemiological surveillance, pharmacovigilance and surveillance of medical devices and hemovigilance, which controls the transfusion safety in the NHS.

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