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The Spanish put Spanish healthcare Note 6.5

The health barometer, the tool with which the Ministry of Health measures the confidence of citizens in the National Health System, shows the first signs of the Spanish concern. On a maximum score of 10,the Spanish put the Spanish public health note 6.57. The rating is not bad, but a few tenths lower than that recorded in the previous year's survey, which reached 6.59.

Easier reading would indicate a penalty of citizens government after adjustments to healthcare. But the note of the latest barometer is, however, better than four years ago, when only got a 6.57 out of 10. Then, there were cuts and ruled the PSOE.

The overall satisfaction does not seem bad: 70.6 percent of Spanishbelieves that healing "works wellor very good 'compared with 68% collected in the 2008 survey and 87% of respondents highlighted the"Good or very good health»receivedwhen they needed health care during the past year. These data are part of an advance of Health, 2012 Barómeto the Health Minister Ana Mato, has become known in the Spanish Parliament, in response to an oral question of the Socialist Group. Ana Mato, highlighted what he considers good results. "In Spain we have one of the best healthcare systems in the world."

A "crude maneuver»

Mato 2012 compared the results with those obtained four years ago, but not with those of last year. The Andalusian, to blow statement reminded the Minister that the same data compared with the previous year showing a fall in the value of the public health system of nearly three points.

"The cuts and reforms have led PP this percentagepass of 73.1% in 2011 to 70.6% in 2012, which means that it has lost almost 3% of Spanish confidence in the system. It is a crude maneuver by the Minister to compare data from 2012 to 2008 with the sole idea that will leave favorable "explains the Health counseling statement.




The Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Ana Mato, has advanced Wednesday in the control session the Government in the House of Representatives, according to data


Health of 2012, 70.6 percent of the population believes that public health is "good or very good". Mato has stated so inSocialist deputy response to Esperança Esteve who has wondered how the Health values ​​has become one of the "major problems" for more than 12 percent of Spanish citizens and asked him to present his resignation in "favor" yours and that of all Spanish. Given this, the minister said the data from the

Barometer, as reported, his department made public in the coming days, and recalled that in 2008, when he was the PSOE in government, only 68 percent of the company valued as "good or very good" National Health System (NHS). "Healing in 2011, when the PP came to the executive, it was a big problem for one hundred percent of the Spanish because socialists left him in bankruptcy. Therefore PSOE should not call into question the reputation of the public health and other get to work in favor of Spanish and patients by a Covenant

Health that the whole society is crying, "said Mato.





The Spanish give an average score of 6.59 for the NHS, according to this annual survey conducted before to make known the latest cuts and copayment measures announced by the department heads Ana Mato. Most, six in 10 respondents prefer public to private in four types: primary care, pediatrics, emergency and hospital admissions.

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