The lack of common criteria prosthesis slows copay

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Health set that users would pay up to 20 euros for a wheel chair

A wheelchair is not the same in Andalusia than in Extremadura. Neither is a headset or a cane. The absence of uniform criteria and a common portfolio of products financed in all communities is delaying the implementation of the copayment for medical prostheses. A measure approved Mariano Rajoy in April-next toincreased payment for drugs- And that has evolved through several rules approved in December by the autonomies. Citizens, however, would still take a while to pay the 20 euro-stop-defined for your hearing aids, wheelchairs, or templates, or the 40 established for other products, such as crutches.

TheMinistry of Healthcommunities tomorrow propose the creation of a computerized registry to identify and classify these products orthoprosthetic to establish maximum amounts payable by the patient. Health technology companies will have to register on it susceptible to finance their products. One step that is not necessary, for example, with drugs, which are collected in a common list for all regions financed.

The Government, which raised the initiative to "unify" the provision across Spain-esteem that this new copayment may reduce health spending some 53 million euros, which would add to that achieved by the new contribution of citizens who use non-emergency medical transportation. This measure is still being negotiated with the associations of patients, but provides a payment of five dollars per trip, except for the chronically ill, who would pay six to 60 per year, depending on your income.

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