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The funding system requires advance orthopedic aids 100% of the product cost.

More than once we have spoken here of the relationship between retronez and money;physical problems is very expensive. Today I want to explain how the system of orthopedics and how it could be improved.

I need a motorized wheelchair (aka electric chair) to move the long distance (anything over home and work). The final cost me 2,259 euros, excluding certain adjustments such as height or position of the joystick (I'm a lefty). The regular process varies Aragon perhaps other communities-is:

  1. go to my doctor rehabilitating Social Security
  2. I say you need an electric chair because the old is escacharrada
  3. I signed a paper
  4. took the paper to the orthopedic
  5. I put it back because the code wrong
  6. repeat steps 1, 2, 3 and 4
  7. I teach several chairs
  8. I choose one and study the necessary adaptations
  9. 2259 euros + pay what they cost adaptations
  10. wait several months until the state returns the part that I believe should reimburse.

The health service in each Autonomous Community pays a portion of the tools a retron need to go out, see, hear, showering ... But you do after you have paid 100% of GDP.What percentage subsidizes? Depends on the product. For example, pay about 300 euros for a standard wheelchair, if you happen to need a 500 because it has a higher back, you get to pony up the rest.

Most state services works backwards. The urban public transport is actually more expensive than the bus or tram ticket paid. But it is understood that it is subsidized, which, in some way, is funded through taxes. The same applies to the public university. Most of the're Paying among all and every student pays a fee.

If we apply the system of orthopedics at public higher education, it would be that students should pay 6,000 euros each year in June and the state would return the 85% thatsubsidizes now. It would be unfeasible. It would be a university for the rich.

Similar happens with orthopedics.

In my case, my past expenses were:

  • Electric Chair 2200 (more adaptations)
  • 3600 of a brace (structures I used to walk short distances)
  • 400 of a manual chair (for travel outside Zaragoza)

Not everyone can spend that money, as much as back then share.

The crisis also affects orthopedics. Before Lehman Brothers, the Aragon Health Service took about five months in the payment of aid. Now take since October 2011 without paying.

What happens if you can not pay the 2000 euros worth the chair you need? You can try to get a social worker will sign a report stating that there is enough money in the family unit. If you need more than 600 euros, Social Security paid directly to orthopedics, if not ... Garlic and water.

The trap of the family unit is a resource that the Government, autonomous regions and municipalities being implemented in many areas to save money. My orthopedist told me this week the case of an older man, amputee, could not afford a chair 400 euros. Now his son and daughter have gone to live with it because they can not pay their flat, like money in the household exceeds the scale shift, Mr. is out chair. Or pay it and wait for, ahem, the-economy-recovers-the-path-of-growth-and-be-back-to-create-jobs for the grant or get help from an NGO.

By the way, I'm not in that situation, but should change soon chair.(Social Security will subsidize an electric chair every three years, if the desgastas before, you'll see). The problem is that now I fanciest hurts more than 2500 in a chair, especially knowing that much for the SS disburse aid me.

Ideally the RetroNES we had these needs met but still needed for that. For now, I'd settle for having to pay to orthopedics only my share. That would imply that the SS would pay soon orthopedics to not ruin.


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