Decubitus Cushion Jay Easy Fluid


Integrity of the skin with stability

Lightweight foam-contoured
Rear side-Cortes and center back cut
Jay-bag fluid incorporated in the case to protect antiescaras
-Option flat or curved base
-Incontinence resistant cover as standard.
-Option as a spare microclimatic cover

Clinical indications:
-Patient with mild symmetrical or asymmetrical position requiring moderate postural support
-Support level of femur and trochanter to lateral and posterior pelvic stability
-High risk of pressure ulcer development
-Users can make changes autonomously weight

Width: 25-60 cm (to see size availability,see the order form)
Depth: 25-60 cm (to see size availability, see the order form)
Height front: 6 cm
Back height: 6 cm
Maximum user weight: 150 kg
Pad type: Foam cushion with Jay fluid bag in the ravine. For users with high risk of bedsores
Type of cover: Incontinence resistant cover (Cover microclimatic optional)


Bolsa de fluido Jay para máxima protección antiescaras

Jay fluid bag for maximum protection antiescaras

The contoured foam and fluid bag protect Jay prolonged sitting, ensuring good skin integrity. The fluid adaptability and flexible sheath Jay immersion allow the ischial tuberosities up to 4 cm. This will increase the contact surface and greater protection is achieved antiescaras.




Base de espuma contorneada

Contoured foam base

Based Fluid Easy Jay cushion consists of a light foam, contoured, which ensures proper alignment of the legs increasing stability. With rear side slits for optimum fit to the seat tube and rear center court for relief from the pressure on the sacrum / coccyx that increases user comfort. Flat base option (for firm seats) or curved (for chairs with upholstery)




42 tallas disponibles

42 sizes available

With the most complete range of sizes available to suit the needs of a wide range of users. Width and depth from 25-60 cm.




Funda resistente a la incontinencia

Incontinence resistant sheath

Easy Fluidcomes standard with incontinence resistant cover to protect the base of moisture extending pad life. Microclimatic sleeve option as spares.




Base sólida de madera (opcional)

Base solid wood (optional)

Recommended for upholstery seats. Ensures flat surface and firm support. This guarantees a good positioning and prevents deterioration of the cushion.


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