Antiescaras Jay Xtreme Cushion


High protection for active lifestyle

-Lightweight and low profile to facilitate transfers and propulsion
-Contoured foam base with serial adductoras wedges
Jay-fluid bag and cover broad and flexible that reduce friction
-Cover and inner sleeve breathable outer incontinence resistant.
Extra-breathable cover series

Clinical indications:
-Users active at moderate risk of developing pressure ulcers and that require medium-low postural support
-A patient who seeks comfort and positioning without compromising functionality.
-Patients weight changes can be made independently

Width: 35/38/40/43/45/50 cm (to see size availability, see the order form)
Depth: 35/38/40/43/45/50 cm (to see size availability, see the order form)
Height front: 6 cm
Back height: 6 cm
Maximum user weight: 150 kg
Pad type: Low-profile pad fluid adductoras Jay and wedges. High protection for active
Type of cover: Inside cover anti-incontinence and breathable outer cover


Ligero y de bajo perfil para facilitar las transferencias y la propulsión

Lightweight and low profile to facilitate transfers and propulsion

Jay Xtreme cushion is lightweight and low profile for easy transfers and propulsion in active users. Its contoured foam base is composed of a soft material that fits the firm increasing the area of user contact and protecting prolonged sitting.




Bolsa de fluido Jay para máxima protección antiescaras

Jay fluid bag for maximum protection antiescaras

The unique design of the fluid, in three sections, helps protect the coccyx. The fluid displacement capacity Jay and flexible sheath and wide greatly reduce the friction effect in protecting active users ischial area. Hamstring are enveloped by 55 to 75% (up to 4 cm).




Cuñas adductoras de serie (extraíbles)

Serial adductoras wedges (removable)

Adductoras wedges with the contoured shape of the base allow proper alignment of the lower extremities. Thus improves stability cushion lateral and posterior pelvic user, thanks to a level that supports the thighs and trochanters.




Funda interior resistente a la incontinencia y funda exterior transpirable

Inside cover incontinence resistant and breathable outer cover

Jay Xtreme is protected by two covers: inner sleeve incontinence resistant base protects against moisture and breathable cover contactthe user. With extra breathable cover series.


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