Jay 2 Deep Ciojín


Maximum protection and high postural support antiescaras

-Foam contoured to pelvic stability and pressure redistribution
Firm-Base Positioning pelvic hollow moderate-aggressive
Jay-deep fluid bag
-Wide range of positioning accessories
-Breathable cover as standard option incontinence resistant cover
-Option solid wood base with upholstery Wheelchair
-Option Adjustable height base for floor seat height adjustment

Clinical indications:
-Patient with extreme risk of pressure ulcers and high need postural support
Clinical history of scab-past or present.
-Patient very passive, unable to reposition or weight changes independently.
-Patients without postural stability

Contoured foam base of 7.6 cm deep

Jay 2 Deep Cushion accommodates moderate-aggressive positions. With its firm foam pelvic hollow 7.6 cm depth provides maximum protection and excellent stability antiescaras side and rear. The pressure is redistributed to the femoral and both trochanters. Especially suitable for end users at risk of pressure ulcers and high need postural support.

Bolsa de fluido Jay 2 Profundo

Fluid bag Jay 2 Deep

The depth of the fluid bag Jay allows excellent immersing the ischial tuberosities (greater than 4 cms.) In this way, thanks to the ability of fluid displacement and the sheath is wide and flexible user accompanies the movement reducing friction and protecting the ischial area.

Funda transpirable

Case breathable

Jay 2 Deep comes standard with breathable cover that promotes airflow protecting the wearer's skin and assuring maximum heat dissipation and moisture. Resistant sheath option incontinence.

Posicionamiento personalizado

Custom Positioning

Jay 2 Deep has a wide range of accessories for postural support. His firm foam adapts to moderate-aggressive positions allowing modifications and customizations pad. You can also ask the user as both width and depth for optimum fit.


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