Antiescaras Jay GS Cushion


Stability user positioning and pediatric growth

Hollow-firm basis for optimal pelvic anteroposterior and lateral stability
Base foam-modifiable and adaptable to growth in width and depth
-Box with multiple accessories for optimum postural positioning
Fluid-Bag Jay Standard or "overfill" (optional)
-Option adjustable solid platform and wooden solid foundation
-Incontinence resistant cover as standard (choice of colors)
-Breathable cover optional

Clinical indications:
-Patient pediatric high demand asymmetrical posture and postural support
-High risk of pressure ulcers
• Patients unable to reposition or weight changes autonomously.


Jay GS offers the child a complete positioning during growth. His firm base foam holding the pelvis pelvic hollow in the proper position, increasing comfort and lateral and anteroposterior stability of the child while reducing spasticity and tone. The foam is modifiable and adaptable to growth in width and depth. Especially suitable for users with asymmetrical posture pediatric high demand aggressive posture support.

Bolsa de fluido Standard u Overfill

Standard fluid bag or Overfill

Jay fluid bag and serial Standard bag option fluid "overfill" (more fluid) for extra protection antiescaras: ischial tuberosities immersion up to 4 cm. The fluid displacement capacity Jay and reduce friction flexible sheath protecting ischial area.

Funda resistente a la incontinencia

Incontinence resistant sheath

Jay GS comes standard with incontinence resistant cover to protect the base of moisture extending pad life. This case is optionally available in 4 different colors: blue, red, purple or pink. Ability to select cover alsobreathable (optional).

Personalizable y con múltiples accesorios para un óptimo posicionamiento

Customizable and with multiple accessories for optimal positioning

For optimum adjustment, the cushion can be ordered Jay GS user as both width and depth. It also has a wide variety of accessories that can go adding postural easily to suit the needs of growth, holding and positioning of the child, abductor wedge and adductoras, hip guides, pelvic obliquity wedges ...


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