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Health studied 10 drugs dispensed in hospitals with copay

The Ministry of Health and the regions become hospital medication dispensing a dozen drugs now sold in pharmacies by prescription. These drugsand ribavirin for hepatitis C or some cancer use, Had reduced contribution. That is, patients, regardless of their income, paid 10% of the price with a cap of 4.13 euros per prescription. Now, with his way to hospital pharmacy, health and communities debate whether to keep charging that amount.

The debate is important because, to date, all drugs for hospital use have been free and not subject to user input. In any case,however high the price of the drug, "never pay more than those 4.13 euros per packestablishing the reduced contribution. Were dispensed at the pharmacy or in the hospital, 'he told ABC Agustín Rivero, CEO of Portfolio Basic Pharmacy Services and the Ministry of Health.

Transfer to hospital aims to takegreater control of these drugs, Most expensive. But "patients continue to receive the medications they need without restrictions," he insisted Agustín Rivero. Whatever the decision, these drugs are the only drugs in the hospital pharmacy issued that could be subject to some kind of contribution from the sick.

Neither drugs to treat HIV, tuberculosis or those of other prescription or hospital as interferon beta for multiple sclerosis will be subject to copayment, as reported yesterday by the socialist group. Nor any patient admitted will have to provide anything for the medication or medical devices by the question.

The remaining free input

The Ministry of Health ensures that it is free, as usual, despite thealarm generated by a modification of the Medicines Act. This change seemed to equate the hospital pharmacy medicines to those provided in thes drugstores through prescription. And the matching PSOEinterpretó mean that charging a co-payment that applies to the rest of medicine.

The change is related to the implementation of the electronic prescription to unify the user input if you dispense the drug in the hospital or if prescribed in the health center and purchased at the pharmacy. Health ensures that only affects drugs already in the pharmacy.

The health official from the PSOE, José Martínez Olmos, warned that "copayment apply to drugs dispensed on an outpatient basis in hospitals affect as HIV treatments or hepatitis C, which can cost up to 40,000 euros per year.

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