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Red traffic light in 9 CCAA for health reform

Confusion, inequality, exclusion ... Three months after the launch of the Royal Decree health that excludes illegal immigrants health care in our country,autonomous communities not agree on its implementation.

The NGO Doctors of the World has presented themap-lightreflecting the diversity of situations that are experienced in the different regions before applying the new standard. In this canvas, depicts in red the regions implementing the rule literally, in yellow have sought ways to provide care themselves above the limits and finallygreen, those who have opposed from the beginning to the controversial Royal Decree 16/2012and continue to respond to illegal aliens.

As explained Sagrario ELMUNDO.es Martin, vice president of Doctors of the World, this map reflects the heterogeneity of the situations that can be found throughout the whole country, "but we have also founddifferences between health centersin the same region. "

In his view, this reflects fixedconfusion generated by the standard(Effective September 1) and each attempts to implement it autonomy circulars, briefing notes, orders and counter sometimes contradictory. "This has led to even cases in whichhas been excluded from health care to people who were entitled to it"Complaint.

MDM covering a wide range ofbizarre situations, Including children and pregnant women, who have met with some counter negative health center. However, Martin admits that these are just a sample, "we can not give overall figures because we can reflect only those cases that have come to us for mediation and support to some irregularity".

Aragon, Balearic Islands, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, Cantabria, La Rioja, Murcia, and the Canary Islands are the color red on the map, as those regions"Strictly apply to Royal Decree", Although they are the first four that have detected more cases and more serious.

As Amadou a Guinean citizen without health card and irregular, who attended MDM referred by a social worker at the Hospital Miguel Servet in Zaragoza. There he was treated for renal failure which requires dialysis three times a week, "although it should have been treated as their disease usually was being treated before the entry into force of the Decree,in the ER was made to sign a commitment to pay".

This type of documents to try to pay attention to the countries of origin isdifficult to implementSuch as Martin recognizes, unlike what happens with the citizens of European countries with which there are Conventions and agreements.

But as pointed vice president of the organizationmedical exclusion problems have not been detected only in the communities in red, but the problems are spread throughout the Spanish geography result of the confusion and improvisation of the ministries.

For the moment,only six communities have some type of document movement information, Although colorful and uneven application content.

'Kingdom of Taifa'

Prescisamente on these inequalities is also manifested Health sector President of the Independent Trade Union Officials (CSI-F), Antonio Moreno, who has called Wednesday a unifying framework agreement state healthcare management in all regions with in order that there is a certain cohesion in the National Health System (NHS).

On the occasion of the V Conference of Debate National Health Sector, which take place in Madrid, Morenohas reported that"If there is no coordination policy, we will continue as we have been so farTaking Taifa Kingdoms ".

The union asked to reach an agreement between the Governments of the different regions and different political parties, with the participation of trade unions, which ensure the viability and sustainability of the NHS in the medium and long term, in the current economic crisis .

"It's time we all make enough pressure andwill make a framework agreement and that each go our separate"Insisted the president's health sector CSI-F. Thus, stressed the importance of reaching a" minimum consensus "and to explain" why all these cuts that are made on the fly and irresposable ".

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