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Preventing recipes

Sila Vieites Mercedes Murillo and carefully saved each and every one of the prescriptions and make your fixed expenses count: about 60 euros a month "if no complications arise, as in my case, I spent pneumonia and had to pay inhalers gold price, "says Murillo. Both are wheelchair and both complain bitterly of the delay in refunding money they advance in respect of your drug copayment.

Because if they are exempt from drugs, but to make the system work properly are faced with costs that sometimes and as appropriate, become very difficult to digest. "If we think of a pension of 600 euros, a monthly drug spending between 60 and 70 euros, and with all the cuts that we are applying, the calculations come easy: we're just about to eat", says Sila Murillo , president of the association Amdas La Fonte, which defends the interests of people with disabilities with particular attention to women.

They are an example of an entire collective "is suffering a lot" because "do not know anyone in this situation it has received a refund of copay, and there are cases desperate 'say.

As Sila recites Murillo, 'we are exempt from paying those who belong to the group of people with disabilities, we have more than 33 percent of recognized disability and a pension non-contributory disability. Well, we are paying resources we have or have not "complaint. And in some cases "we know of people that have had to stop taking their medication part because they have to pay for it" corroborates Mercedes Vieites.

The two affected further point out that this is a group that often requires fixed treatments such as laxatives or tranquilizers "that no longer enter recipes with the prejudice that means."

Also emphasizes that disabled Vieites are "tired of being a section andNo law, there are cases and cases, and should treat us individually. " Because "disability go hand many problems, not only the copayment, we are suffering cuts in home help and even aid to buy wheelchairs, and there are families in distress" alert.

They know that the government is still within the time limit for making returns, but consider that "can not be left homeless so long to the most needy."

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