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Ana Mato Congress guarantees free and universal a healing with the reforms

The Minister said "the commitment of all the Government by ensuring public health, universal, free and high quality." This objective was "impracticable" to debt of 16,000 million left by the previous government, a debt that had grown by 173% in two years. Mato said the reform launched by the ministry and the Budget for Health, 338 million, is being "progress for achieving sustainability of the health system and focus on what really matters: the patient, their health and wellbeing ". Along with these measures, the minister stressed "the important financial support we are already paying for all the Autonomous Communities, by Provider Payment Plan, advances and Autonomous Liquidity Fund".


A more equitable pharmaceutical copayment


To emphasize the commitment to a National Health System "universal, unique and cohesive," with 17 perfectly coordinated health services and to ensure the same performance with the same rights to all citizens ", the minister reviewed some of the measures put underway. First, the new systemcontribution in pharmacy, more equitable, in his opinion, he has achieved, on the one hand, that "for the first time the long-term unemployed do not have to pay anything for drugs" and on the other hand, a saving of 636 million in just three months.


Also, the Central Purchasing Products, Materials and Equipment Health, which may involve "save 1,000 million euros." For now, the first centralized purchasing of vaccines, drugs and other health products already committed, pose "a savings of 100 million for Spanish", said the Minister.


In this regard, noted the amendment tabled by the parliamentary group, proposed by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, to include an additional provision that gives guarantees payment to providers in cases of acquisition by purchasing power. "


The Minister also referred to the transformation of the Cohesion Fund in a new Compensation Fund off-budget, to be settled through the regional financing system. Along with the Guarantee Fund Assistance (FOGA), "will ensure theright of citizens to health protection and to receive adequate health care, "he said.


A social health space


Ana Mato said the 262 million to maintain the operation of autonomous and its "grand scientific and technical work." Also, maintaining the budget for the National AIDS Plan and investment in rare diseases. As for the National Transplant Organization, "a world", its budget has increased by 0.8%


In consumption, Mato said budgetary effort both in the area of ​​product and food safety.


The Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality reiterated his intention to "work with all social and institutional agents to start for the first time in Spain, a unique socio-with which offer a new approach in providing coordinated welfare services ". Mato reaffirmed their "commitment to the welfare of families, and especially children, who are sufferinguniquely the crisis. "


It is, in the words of the minister, to "make basic services such as health and social services, to walk together in the same direction." Mato said that the Budget for 2013 are those that spend a higher percentage to social spending, 63%, and also highlighted the increase under the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, 28%. Specifically, the Department budget amounts to 2,970 million euros, representing 296 million increase compared to last presented by the previous government.


Most of these amounts are outstanding debts to the communities for the dependency services as Mato recalled itself. "We have to deal with inherited debt to social security", of 1,034 million euros, for unpaid family caregivers fees ".


Unit and older


As regards the distribution of budgets, noted that "eight out of ten euro budget are intended to improve quality of life and provide the best atención possible. "has also increased by 22.92% allocation for the payment of non-contributory pensions, which is part of the" effort "to increase the budget of 1.274 million IMSERSO (which is starting its own, as it is an agency of Social Security).


As for disability policies, are intended 6.6 million euros, which reinforces the commitment "to a society in which no one feels the weight of discrimination and personal autonomy that is the main driver of integration", according to the Minister.


Ana Mato defended his commitment to Social Services and Equality, which increase its loans by 41%, with particular attention to the Third Sector. "Despite the difficult situation, we have allocated 35.7% of the budget of the Ministry of Social Services and Equality to strengthen social action," he said, and added that will be allocated 20.3 million euros for calls general scheme and expandable from 105 million personal income tax of 0.7%.


Family, children and youth


Within the Government's social policy,the protection of the family is at the core, Mato said. "For this government, protect families and children is not an option. It is a constitutional duty." In particular, "the children are our greatest asset and the first and last reason is worth the effort we are making," he added. In this sense, moved that the Comprehensive Plan last Ministry of Family and National Plan for Children and Adolescents which will address the main problems and propose "effective measures" against child poverty. The provision of all basic programs of family and children remains in the budget of 2013.


Regarding young people, 27.5 million are intended to influence an active role in the promotion of youth employment, and increases in funding of 1.4 million Community Youth in Action program. The minister had an impact on this effort is "still faces the serious budget deficit of three million euros that left the socialist government" in the INJUVE. The budget for the fight against drugs remains at 14.8 million. They also continue all programs Seized Assets Fund, which this year has distributed more than 27 million euros.


Equality and violencia gender


Regarding equality policies, the minister said the fight "with all available resources, gender violence and the silence that surrounds it." To make it effective, is budgeted 22.1 million euros aimed at individualized plans of care for victims and their children, to be complemented by other initiatives announced in recent months, as the National Network of Shelters. The minister said that it will double the strength of the delegations of gender violence in all provinces.


Mato referred to the nearly 19 million for the fight against discrimination of women and the promotion of training and employment. In this area also have created four new gifted programs cofinanced by Europe with 2.3 million euros and 800,000 euros are maintained to create equality plans in the company. "We want to make equality an engine of growth," concluded the Minister.

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