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This will be a copayment of ambulances

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This will be a copayment of ambulances

Health proposes between 6 and 60 euros per month spending cap for non-urgent transfers. Transport for dialysis 'chemo' or rehabilitation will be free if the doctor prescribes it


Patients on dialysis, chemotherapy or rehabilitation may continue to use ambulances at no cost, but only if your doctor justifies the transfer by your health. The Ministry of Health maintains its idea of ​​imposing a copayment for non-emergency transfer of patients, althoughexempt from the payment to patients whose health advises against traveling in conventional transport. The final decision will be by your doctor and should formalize it through a prescription.

For the rest, it has devised an almost symbolic copayment which is not charged for mileage. It sets a price per trip (round trip) without considering the tour. We charge a percentage of that amount to be established in accordance with the income of the user, as is already done in medications. These are some of the proposals that the Ministry of Health has made the regions at the technical meeting held yesterday to define the new ambulance copayment.

Last month Health spokesman of the Popular Party, Jose Ignacio Echaniz, said that patients on hemodialysis would be exempt from copay. Finally,the criterion is not the pathologyBut the individual condition of each patient. For example, a patient on his first day of hemodialysis, if you are good, you could go home in conventional transport, if you preferan ambulance, copagarla. Or, conversely, provide free transportation (ambulance or taxi) for a patient to rehabilitate a fractured hip.

The decision will always care, not sick as now. Patients also may claim an ambulance to go home after hospital discharge without the support of their physician.

As drugs

For patients who are subject to copayment is expected proportional contribution, depending on your income, as is the case with medicines. And establish maximum monthly expense to not overtax the sick, many of them chronic and ongoing need to transfer. On the proposal of the Ministry of Health,have been established contribution caps ranging between 6 and 60 euros per month spending. Patients with incomeslower maximum pay 6 euros a month, an average income, 18 and the highest (over 100,000 euros of annual income) could reach up to 60 euros payable monthly copayment ambulance.

The scale is similar to that used in medicines. Although the calculation is more complicated. With drugs, we charge a percentage of his money, but in the case of ambulances would be very costly to do that mileage.

Twenty euros roundtrip, base price

Now Health must establish that calculation. The idea is to establish a Ministryaverage price per patient returnRegardless of the distance that the ambulance must travel, whether a mile or ten. That way not detrimental to the rural population to be transferred to his local hospital. The figure for patient travel and beed between 20 and 30 euros.

If the proposal goes ahead, all details will be formalized into anew Ministerial Orderthat for the first time, force charge for non-emergency transportation by ambulance.

With the reform approved by the Ministry last April, nonemergency medical transportation became part of the Supplementary Services Portfolio National Health System, along with thepharmaceutical services, and dietoterápica orthoprosthetic.

As these benefits, it was established that the user would have a contribution or copayment level, in the case of medical transport, would be "determined according to the provision for pharmaceutical meansto ', but had not yet decided how would that contribution and if sick would be exempt from payment.

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