How to adapt a bathroom for disabled guests???

Here you will find an overview of installation standards of our products in the bathroom.

Jump Seats Shower (Wall Mount)

  • Seat height (upper seat side shower at ground level) 

420 mm min / max 540 mm

  • Distance from the center of the shower seat to the wall (configured in the corner)

550 mm

  • Free space in front of the shower chair

min 1200 x 1200 mm

  • Space, besides the shower seat on both sides

min 900 x 1200 mm and 350 x 1200 mm

Foldable bars for the toilet

  • Folding bar should have extra depth measured from the front of the toilet

200 mm

  • The space between the back and the arm-toilet minimum

min 250 mm / max 300 mm

  • Distancebar (top) from the ground

750 mm

  • Distance from the inner face of the bar hinged to the wall

350 mm min

  • Distance to the center of the toilet seat to the swing bar

325 mm

  • Distance between bars in the case that may be required on each side

650 mm


  • Distance from the center of the toilet to the wall

550 mm min

  • Additional Endorsements for the toilet, the toilet seat to the bottom of the back

230 mm min / max 300 mm

Grab handles mounted horizontally or handrails

  • Distance from handhold or rail (top) from the ground

900 mm

 Grab handles mounted vertically or handrails

  • Mounting at a distance from the corner of the wall when used as a shower rail

400 mm min


  • Transom height from ground level (standing position)

between 1050 - 1950 mm

  • Transom height from ground level (sitting position)

     between 600 - 1450 mm


  • Center sink to the wall

550 mm

  • Height sink, top, from ground level

800 mm

Height for hangers, shelves and towel etc

  • Distance from floor

min 400 mm / 1350 mm max

General rules of free space

  • Space inside the bathroom1500 x 1500 mm
  • Space in front of the toilet / sink / shower seat1200 mm
  • Clearance to health items like toilet and sink900 mm min


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