Causes of back pain

Formerly it was believed that the pain appeared because there was any change in the structure of the spine, such as scoliosis or herniated disc. That's a mistake. Pain is a neurological mechanism that involves activation of nerves that transmit pain and triggering muscle spasm and inflammation. Sometimes, it can also lead to nerve root compression. This mechanism can be triggered by a change in the structure of the spine, such as disc herniation or degeneration important facet joint, but in most cases you can not get to find out the root cause that triggers it off and attributed contracture with pain or muscle strain. This distinguishes: how back pain occurs? Back pain is caused and maintained by a neurological mechanism: A-activated-specific nerve fibers known as A and C, or "capsaicin-sensitive" or "nerve pain." B-activation triggers or causes pain and inflammation and muscle spasm. C-It is a vicious circle because the inflammation and muscle spasm remain active pain nerves. D-There are scientific studies that show that if the AC fiber activation lasts long enough, it starts biochemical mechanisms that can perpetuate its activation indefinitely. In this situation, the pain continues even disappear because initially triggered it. Systems support the spine and limited mobility through corsets, braces and lumbar back injury proved to be an effective method against back pain.

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