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Rex, the first bionic man


It has heart, blood, nose, legs, mouth and eyes like any human being. But it is not. His name is Rex and all its organs are built in a lab. This is the most complete bionic man built so far. Your purpose in life: to show how technology can replace human body parts.

The robot is valued at nearly 600,000 euros and is exposed in theScience Museum in London, Which will run until the end of March. According to researcher Bertolt Meyer, one of its two creators, and carrier dand a prosthetic arm for many years, the idea is to teach people how human body parts can be replaced with technology and how this can help people with disabilities. "The great promise of technology is that it can wipe out the disabilities," he says.

Your internal organs, including the pancreas and a pair of artificial lungs, are still under construction. The researchers point out that not all technology can work without human life. Bionic hands, for example, not be moved without human muscle and brain signals to operate. Another example is the stomach. "The only artificial stomach we have seen is very long and generates electricity, which can not use it to replace a human stomach," said Walker.

Many have expressed fears about advances in bionics and if you can create a being who thinks for himself. Researchers have calmed the debate and say they do not believe that Rex is capable of it. "I would say it is almost impossiblein what remains of life, or even in our grandchildren, we see a man with a fully articulated artificial intelligence, "says Meyer.

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