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The State Association of Directors and Managers in Social Services clarifies that there are communities where there are requests because people know that there is no answer

For the first time, and after seven years of its entry into force, the Unit Lawhas peakedin demand for services. This was said Thursday the president of the State Association of Directors and Managers in Social Services, Jose Manuel Ramirez.

During the presentation ofX l State Observatorya UnitRamirez explained that in those regions "where there has been a fair amount of management can say that we are reaching the ceiling of the demand." "For the first time we know the number of dependents you have," explained the director of this independent organization brings together the directors and managers of social service centers that provide both public and concerted.

The pace of applications during the first four years of the law reached, according to this study, a monthly average of30,000, In 2011 was just over 9,000 applications and in 2012 the monthly average dropped to 2,500. Despite the fact, Ramirez stated that in those regions "where there have done well" this fall means that "people have no dependent requests because they know that they will never come."

The document also revealsthe 'central government withdrawal of funding"Dependency law. "In 2012, the Central Government finances just 21.4% of the cost of care in the system. For 2013 we estimate that 20% will come or when it should contribute 50% of spending. "

Copayment and dependents deceased

Thecopayment users, The third leg of the funding of this law, after the regions, has increased from 10% in 2009 to 16% in 2012 (from 317 million euros to 1,051 million). The community is the highest increase, in total nearly eleven percentage points, from 50.8 to 62.6%.

"Considering the axs that the system is receiving, the obsessive pressure from communities. to reduce public spending in all essential services and the inability to afford rational user input all these reductions, the System of Care Unit is being demolished by the economy since the blindness and the fallacy that this is unsustainable spending policy, "he lamented Ramirez, who accused the government of" dependent filtering demonize 'theCourt of Auditors report, With the headline that "30,000 dependents deceased had taken a service '. "It is totally false. That money never reached the family, was sent to the communities, "he said.

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