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It is a British businessman who lost to cancer Appendix. Researchers at University College London are responsible for this technique

Researchers University College Londontry to restorethe nose of a man, both as to its appearance and in terms of the feel good, in a patientcancer. The technique involves growing the nasal appendage on one arm and thentrasplantárselo in the face.

The patient is a British businessman, who lost his nose after suffering from cancer. Specialists working in this treatment arequite convincedthat will be successful and the patient will soon have a new nose.

To recreate a nose for this patient, the researchers first had to create a mold of the old. Then this mold was sprayed with a synthetic material which served to settle thestem cells.

After creating this basic structure, the experts added millions of cells that offerednutrientsand environmental conditions necessary for the formation of cartilage in the nose.

Meanwhile, the skin of oneits armswas gradually extended after being propelled by a small ball lodged in the skin.

This ball isgradually inflateduntil excess skin grew. A few months later, the ball wasreplacedthrough the nose and the new implant is now in the arm of the employer, which has access to all the nerves and blood vessels necessary.

The nose develops gradually into the man's arm, but it may not be long until researchers havewithall nervesand blood vessels they need to transplant the nose on the face of the patient.

As a curiosity, the scientists say that the new nose will be a little curved to the left, exactly equal to that lost due to the disease.

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