Arm Prosthetics 12K100 Dynamic Arm -  Transhumeral DynamicArm prosthesis. The elbow joint powerful and dynamic
Arm Prosthetics 12K100 Dynamic Arm

Arm Prosthetics 12K100 Dynamic Arm

Transhumeral DynamicArm prosthesis. The elbow joint powerful and dynamic

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Arm Prosthetics 12K100 Dynamic Arm


Transhumeral DynamicArm prosthesis. The elbow joint powerful and dynamic

The special technology of the elbow joint DynamicArm allows virtually natural movements. We recommend combining it with the hand SensorHand Speed.

Protesis de brazo 12K100 Dynamic Arm

secure grip

The integrated automatic hand grip SensorHand Speed ​​function helps you in the event that it is holding an object starts to slip. Grip strength increases in a split second until the gripped object returns to be in a safe position.

Quick reflexes

At maximum speed, Speed ​​SensorHand opens and closes approximately three times faster than comparable electric hands. With a proportional rate of up to 300 mm per second, you will be able to react quickly even while gripping.

Control forces

Two measuring systems constantly monitor the speed and grip force, and the control in relation to the muscle signals. Even difficult tasks like grabbing a tomato or other delicate object pose no problem.

natural dynamism

DynamicArm avoids making unnatural or sudden movements. The beginning of a movement always controlled and gently decelerates the end thereofSo what does the human arm.

relaxed walk

An auxiliary system for electronic control allows bending flex the elbow joint. When the forearm swings freely when walking, this movement naturally slows. This happens quietly and without producing any sound.

prosthetic gloves

Prosthetic gloves Natural Skin, available in 6 colors, protect from dirt and dust. Multilayer structure creates an effect of depth. The translucent outer layer mimics the natural venous structure of human skin.

Rotate the wrist unit

You can rotate the wrist unit in and out without using the other hand. This will control their muscle signals.

fluid movements

With DynamicArm, you can make more than one move at once: flex the arm, rotate the wrist unit and grab an object by hand.


The DynamicArm joint monitoring with myoelectric signals reacts to muscle respective user. Thanks to the integrated electric motor is also automatically adapts to different loads. So you can continuously adjust the speed of their movements with their own muscle strength and help of the silent Vario transmission. Combined with a controller which ensures the controlled acceleration DynamicArm the beginning of a movement and decelion soft end, it is possible for the first time patterns similar to the dynamic reaction of the human arm movement.

The auxiliary system for bending stores energy released when the forearm is lowered then use it again when lifting the arm. This has an important impact on the amount of energy consumed by the prosthesis: even using it more frequently, the battery lithium-ion battery installed permanently ensures excellent performance all day. The auxiliary system also ensures bending the arm to swing freely harmoniously. As a result, their movements are natural without annoying noise or need to consume more energy.

Protesis de brazo 12K100 Dynamic Arm

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